Rentamarkets IM changes its name to Miralta Asset Management

MADRID, 19 May.

Rentamarkets IM changes its name to Miralta Asset Management


The investment firm Rentamarkets IM has changed its name to Miralta Asset Management, after having obtained authorization in January from the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of Spain to operate under the Miraltabank brand.

According to Funds People, the name change of the manager will be followed by changes in the name of the funds managed by the firm, Rentamarkets Narval and Rentamarkets Sequoia, which have already been requested from the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). .

The group expects Miraltabank to be fully operational as a credit institution in the first half of 2022, when it will start its activity as "one of the best capitalized entities in the sector, with a solvency ratio of over 20% in 2022".

The partner and president of Miraltabank, Emilio Botín O'Shea, explained at the beginning of the year that Miraltabank represents "a natural step" within its long-term business development strategy and allows it to launch "a banking project in Spain that can compete with those that have appeared in other European jurisdictions".

"The evolution at Miraltabank means that our investors entrust their assets to a banking entity, while we will be able to offer services in the credit area, where one of our strengths lies and where the qualities and skills of our professionals stand out", he added. the partner and CEO of Miraltabank, José Rodríguez.

Rentamarkets was created in 2010 by Emilio Botín O'Shea, José Rodríguez, Ángel Fernández-Pola and Ignacio Fuertes as a firm specializing in fixed income and credit brokerage at a European level for institutional investors.

In 2013, it began the management dedicated to professional and institutional clients as a securities company and later opened the range of products to private clients, marketing its own investment funds and investment fund portfolios.


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