reflection on life

Author Jason Lapointe, who favors life in the great outdoors, wanted to get away from the so-called superficial life to live differently.

reflection on life

Author Jason Lapointe, who favors life in the great outdoors, wanted to get away from the so-called superficial life to live differently. In doing so, he took five years to write this book by devoting himself to various readings and observing the lifestyle of indigenous peoples in order to take a philosophical look at various aspects of existence.

We will probably all agree that life is not easy. That said, others will say that you have to constantly fight to get what you want. It is also true. However, author Jason Lapointe, who has thought about the issue at length, believes that it takes a dose of warrior in itself as well as a good dose of wisdom to get by.

This is the balance of life. Sometimes you have to act, go for it, while on other occasions you have to abstain and take a step back. It comes down, in a way, to picking your battles.

Since you can't change the world, let's try to alter the course of things as much as possible by accepting the rest, since resistance does not always lead where it should. The idea is to look at the events as an opportunity to learn and grow in order to then better continue on your way.

aspire to happiness

Happiness is a state of mind and there is a lot about it in this book. As we all aspire to happiness, even if we have all experienced or will experience difficult passages, we must learn to deal with obstacles and pursue our dreams, our ideals and our purpose.

Love is at the center of happiness. Without love, it is difficult to know fullness.

We can love people, a host of things, but love ourselves more, because if we don't love ourselves how can we love others and how can we hope that we can be loved.

Love grows as you work on it. As the author points out, it is necessary to start with acceptance, respect and listening to oneself by cultivating peace, harmony and serenity in oneself.

If we listen to our heart, we will know right away where our path is, then it will be enough to follow it by continuing our journey, despite the pitfalls. Life sometimes takes us back a few steps, but it's up to everyone to take advantage of it to then move forward better.


Plants bring many benefits and few of us know how to use them wisely. In his book, the author, who is a naturopath, offers to prepare herbal remedies to cure many ailments, including allergies, heartburn, bronchitis, headaches, sunburn , insect bites, cuts, psoriasis, sinusitis, warts and more. Written with great humility, the book has no intention of replacing the pharmacist, it rather serves to broaden horizons by offering a mixture of science and ancestral knowledge. We've all heard of herbal massage oils, but did you know that you can also make your own anti-wrinkle ointments, syrup to sleep well or use wines to calm down by mixing it with plants? and boiling it? Loïc Ternisien, who has many subscribers on social networks, demystifies herbalism with great ease, offering theoretical and practical advice that is easy to follow.


There are many ways to connect to the essentials in order to experience well-being. The two authors supported by about twenty collaborators offer various life rituals that we can integrate into our daily lives in addition to encouraging their readers to explore various facets of their creativity. From the outset, they encourage us to opt for the essential or for what matters most to us in the various spheres of life. Among other things, we propose to create a minimalist home, highlighting the colors and objects that bring us comfort since our home is a source of inspiration. They remind us that our home also represents security, stability and our anchor point. Since we spend a third of our life there, and sometimes more, let's make sure that it is a source of energy and that it represents harmony. Instead of spending to follow trends that change from year to year, let's make choices that are representative in our eyes.

In addition to the living environment, the authors devote a chapter to the importance of traveling or at the very least getting away from it all. Travel represents freedom, wonder and discovery. It is a time to catch your breath, to question yourself and sometimes even to reposition yourself. The beautiful season is upon us, let's take the opportunity to explore new horizons.

One of the co-authors, who is a photographer, has done a superb job in this book punctuated with sublime photos, bringing a beautiful complement to the writings, quotes and poems that cover many themes related to well-being. Too bad, however, that several pages of the book are written in English when the book is intended to be French-speaking.


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