'Precious individuals' taken in Texas school shooting

One student was an avid runner and won the field day races.

'Precious individuals' taken in Texas school shooting

One student was an avid runner and won the field day races. One student was learning football plays from her grandfather. One girl felt something was wrong and wanted out of school.

Stories began to emerge Wednesday about the lives and deaths of 19 children, "precious individuals," according to the school superintendent. The two teachers were also gunned down behind the barricaded doors at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, a southwestern Texas community.

Vincent Salazar stated that Layla, his 11-year old daughter, loved to swim and dance along to Tik Tok videos. Salazar posted a photo of Layla with two of her ribbons to Facebook showing that she was fast. She won six races at school's field day.

Salazar would play Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N Roses every morning while he drove her to school each morning in his pickup. They'd then sing along, he explained.

He said, "She was just so much fun."

Manny Renfro, a 10-year-old grandchild, lost Uziyah Garcia in the shooting.

Renfro described Renfro as "the sweetest little boy I've ever seen" He was my grandkid, and I'm not saying that lightly.

Renfro said Uziyah last visited him in San Angelo during spring break. We started throwing the ball together, and I was teaching him how to pass. Renfro stated that Renfro was amazed at how fast Renfro could catch the ball. He would recall certain plays and do them exactly as we had practiced.

Javier Cazares stated that he learned Tuesday afternoon that Jacklyn Cazares, his 9-year old daughter, was killed in her classroom. The girl was among five other girls, which included Annabell Rodriguez, her second cousin. They formed a close group of friends.

Cazares stated, "They are all gone now."

Wednesday saw the extended families of the cousins who were killed gathered to grieve and offer comfort over barbecue.

Cazares described his daughter "a firecracker", who "had a vocal, she didn’t like bullies, and she didn’t like being picked on by kids."

"All in all, she was full of love. He said that she had a big heart.

Veronica Luevanos' 10-year-old daughter Jailah Nicole Silguero was one of the victims. She wept and told Univision that her daughter didn't want to go to school on Tuesday, and that she felt bad. Jailah's cousin was also killed in the shooting.

All the victims were in the fourth-grade classroom where the shooter placed himself behind bars Tuesday and opened fire upon the children and teachers. Greg Abbott spoke Wednesday at a news conference. He claimed that the gunman used an AR-15-style semiautomatic rifle to attack the school and posted the following message on Facebook: "I'm going after an elementary school."

Hal Harrell, Schools Superintendent, cried as he spoke about the children and teachers.

Harrell spoke of the children, saying that you could see their love by their smiles and angelic smiles. They loved school and were precious individuals.

Harrell stated that the two teachers had "poured their heart and soul" into what they did.

Eva Mireles (44), was remembered as a loving wife and mother. She was an adventurer. Amber Ybarra, a relative of 34 years old, said that she will be missed.

Mireles, in a posting on the school's site at the beginning of the school year introduced herself to her students.

"Welcome, 4th grade!" We have a wonderful school year ahead of us!" She wrote.

Irma Garcia was the other teacher who was killed. She wrote a letter to introduce herself to the class about her four children. John Martinez, Garcia's 21 year-old nephew, said to the Detroit Free Press that Garcia's son was trained for combat and it was his mother who was killed.

Angel Garza, a school medical assistant, arrived shortly after the shooting to assist students who were shaken and in need of medical assistance.

He noticed one girl covered in blood, and asked her if she'd been shot.

"I'm not hurt. "He shot my best friend," she said. "She isn't breathing. She was trying to call the police.

Then she named her friend Amerie Jo Garza as his stepdaughter.

Amerie, a happy child, had just received her first phone and a certificate for being on the honor roll. Amerie loved to draw, paint, and work in clay.

Garza stated that he is still grieving and wonders what happened during those moments before Amerie was shot, if Amerie said anything to the shooter or if he saw her reach for her cell phone. He then remembered her birthday and her face.

Garza said, "It just lit up in the happiest expression." "She was so sweet."

Eliahna Garcia, 9 years old, recalled her love for family to her relatives.

Eliahna's aunt Siria Arizmendi said that Eliahna was happy and outgoing. Siria is a fifth-grade teacher at Flores elementary school in the same district. "She loved dancing and playing sports. She loved her family and enjoyed spending time with them.

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