Portugal is beaten twice by Spain

In its third edition of League of Nations, Spain was defeated twice by Portugal.

Portugal is beaten twice by Spain

In its third edition of League of Nations, Spain was defeated twice by Portugal. The Portuguese team was able to stop Morata's goal with a goal by Horta at the end of the match. This goal had been intended to punish La Roja's superior game but make it more difficult to close the games.

While the current runner up in the tournament displayed notable streaks in football, including the deployment of Gavi and the skill of Busquets, as well as Morata's punch, he paid a heavy price in one action in which Fernando Santos had his troops catch. The step was changed to the rear of Spain by Benito Villamarin, who made a weak entry. Although the dates don't accompany and the Sevillian warmth encourages more people to sit on a terrace than anything else, it was not the best picture to encourage a block to enter with a positive disposition. They did so until Horta's goal destroyed the previous work.

La Roja, after launching a few warnings in the opening minutes at Gavi and Busquets, rebalanced the balance halfway through the second half with a stunning counterattack accelerated Gavi, extended by Sarabia, and culminated by Morata's shot unappealable, which raised the Madrilenian's account as an international to 26 goals. This was the same as Emilio Butragueno.

Unai Simon, Azpilicueta, Diego Llorente, Pau Torres, Jordi Alba, Carlos Soler (Koke, min. 63), Busquets, Gavi (Marcos Llorente, min. 81), Ferran Torres (Dani Olmo, min. 63), Morata, Raul de Tomas (minute 70) and Sarabia.

Diogo Costa, Cancelo, Pepe, Danilo, Guerreiro, Bruno Fernandes (Matheus Nunes, min. 83), Moutinho (Ruben Neves, min. 46), Otavio (Cristiano Ronaldo, min. 62), Leao (Horta, min. 72) , Andre Silva (Guedes, min. 62) and Bernardo Silva.

Goals: 1-0: min. 25, Morata. 1-1: min. 82, Horta.

Referee: Michael Oliver (England). He warned Sarabia, Moutinho and Bernardo Silva, Busquets and Pepe, as well as Diego Llorente.

Incidents: Match that corresponds to the first day of Group A2 of League of Nations. It was played at Benito Villamarin in front of 41,236 spectators.

Fernando Santos was surprised to leave Cristiano Ronaldo on his bench. The debate in neighboring Brazil has been ongoing, which was previously unimaginable, over whether the star from Madeira should be kept in the background to allow the new generation of talent to take the lead. Joao Felix, who is injured in Heliopolis, is leading the fight. Rafael Leao is the best player in Serie A and a key figure in Milan’s 'Scudetto'. He is also one of the most sought-after pieces that Real Madrid and PSG, Manchester City, and Manchester City are all have their eyes on. It was, however, the biggest threat to Spain.

Luis Enrique intervened as well to restore control to Spain, which had been losing steam due to the passing of time and the intrusion on Dani Olmo's green. La Roja was back on the field. Morata tended to the second goal and was applauded as he left his spot for Raul de Tomas. He has transformed the criticisms and whistles he received in Seville during the last European Championship into applause based upon goals, which is the element that can bury any debate.

Spain would lose the huge offensive reference by La Roja. Cancelo was able to catch the Luis Enrique block's left-handed lane unguarded, and found Horta in central Spain. Horta then certified the tie with his international goal. Jordi Alba was able react to Sarabia's pass, but the Barca winger failed with his head, and La Roja signed their fourth consecutive draw against Portugal. Because Spain has spent a lot of bullets, it will be time for Spain to row against the Czech Republic on Sunday in Prague.

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