Popular frying pan: It's been a bestseller for years, but is the Jamie Oliver pan really that good?

For some, cooking is a science, for others a hobby, for still others a real passion or even a profession.

Popular frying pan: It's been a bestseller for years, but is the Jamie Oliver pan really that good?

For some, cooking is a science, for others a hobby, for still others a real passion or even a profession. For me it is above all an everyday thing that, at best, does not require a lot of bells and whistles. It should taste good, it shouldn't be too fancy (so that my six-year-old son and his friends also like to eat with me) and it should be as uncomplicated as possible in the hectic pace of everyday life. Particularly important: the right equipment. At the top of the list is a good frying pan.

Even though chefs and experts like to argue about it, as an amateur and hobby cook, I think: It should be coated so that nothing sticks and - I shouldn't have to save up for months. Connoisseurs will tear me apart (note the pun), but I fry steaks as well as pancakes or fried eggs in just such a pan. So far everyone has always enjoyed it.

When I discovered Jamie Oliver's pan at a bargain price two years ago, I just had to grab it. And in fact, I never shop online unnecessarily. But my (albeit very old aluminum) pan from Domestic by Mäser has numerous scratches - despite using wooden or silicone spatulas - so it was no longer easy to prepare anything. So something new was needed. Something that lasts longer and heats up quicker than my old model. And the reviews actually spoke for themselves (4.6 stars out of over 12,000 reviews on Amazon).

Because: It is suitable for induction, dishwasher safe, has a “long-lasting non-stick coating” and thermal signal technology. After two years of regular use, I can write: I don't regret the purchase. I don't allow myself to be blinded by well-known names. But: I also like to try out what is often recommended myself to get an idea. And in this case it worked out well.

The pan with a diameter of 28 centimeters, which cost me around 40 euros at the time (you can buy it from Amazon, Otto or Lidl, among others), gets hot quickly. The temperature display is actually not needed, but it is a nice addition. The heat also lasts for a long time and you can quickly tell when the pan has cooled down. The handle fits comfortably in the hand, the pan is stable and does not deform even in the oven. Food such as pancakes, fried eggs or even steaks are browned well without frying. After two years of regular use, there are still no scratches, no burns and no detached particles that could potentially be harmful to your health.

In addition: The Jamie Oliver pan is super easy to clean - even if it is a little heavier than my previous pans. All you need to do is clean them under hot water with the soft side of the dishwashing sponge. But it can also be easily put in the dishwasher. It's important to me that I can use it for many dishes in everyday life, that it fits in the oven and later in the dishwasher and that it can be used for a long time and in a variety of ways in terms of sustainability and doesn't cost a fortune. The pan definitely does all of this. Compared to the (albeit older and slightly different) pan from Mäser, which previously found space in my kitchen cupboard, it has won the race by far.

Because the famous frying pan caused many acquaintances and colleagues into lively discussions and of course I still needed alternatives in other sizes in the kitchen cupboard, I bought a model from Masterpro that was also frequently recommended a few months ago. Also non-stick coated and also equipped with Thermospot. Cost: around 40 euros for the 28 centimeter version, which is as expensive as the popular Jamie Oliver pan (on offer). Positive: The handle doesn't get hot and the pan is a bit lighter overall. However, it is a little harder to clean and requires a little more scrubbing. But it gets hot just as quickly, maintains its temperature for a long time and nothing sticks.

So if you don't want to wait for suitable offers, you can also get cheaper, less well-known but similarly good alternatives to the Jamie Oliver pan. The Masterpro model is also suitable for everyday use because it is versatile and easy to clean. From a layman's perspective, there's little to complain about.

The Jamie Oliver pan is also a good choice for my everyday life, my favorite in comparison and if you ask me, I answer: You won't let anything burn with it, so it's good value for money. (Whether I would have bought it at the original price is another matter.) Anyone who is now more interested in knowing which pan is suitable for what, what you should pay attention to when frying and what I do wrong when frying and cooking in everyday life is Well advised with my colleague's pan knowledge.

For less ambitious cooks who think to themselves: "The dog is going crazy in the pan" or "Someone is frying me a stork, it's just a kitchen appliance", the recommended pans will certainly do the job. I haven't noticed any complaints at the dinner table yet.

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