Politics as a puzzle

Life is a puzzle in which we always have pieces to complete.

Politics as a puzzle

Life is a puzzle in which we always have pieces to complete. And politics as a tool to organize ourselves socially does not escape this difficulty of fitting together ideas, concepts and proposals to solve this great puzzle that is coexistence. It is no coincidence that the first puzzle was created in the days of the Enlightenment by a map designer. It must be that the world is always short of pieces, and encyclopedists tried to find them with the complicity of rationality and science.

The Spanish government has a majority in Congress that is more difficult to assemble than the most complex puzzle, and in recent weeks ERC pieces have not fit in anywhere, following the espionage suffered by independence. But the feeling is that neither the left in the Executive nor the Republicans in the parliamentary majority want to kick the puzzle to pieces. However, confidence has been lost and discomfort is evident.

There have been two moves in recent days to help fit pieces together. On the one hand, Pedro Sánchez convinced Ursula von der Leyen to come and collect an award for her work at the head of the European Union, during the conference of the Economic Circle. It has been more than a decade since any European Commissioner visited Catalonia and the fact that the President of the Commission did so was a symbol. In addition, she was especially kind to Pedro (Sánchez) and Pere (Aragonese), and in her speech she introduced a praise of Pau Casals as an example of dignity that did not go unnoticed.

And yesterday, Oriol Junqueras made statements to El País in which he said that they will continue to support the Sánchez government if there are explanations about espionage, assumption of responsibilities and guarantees that it will not happen again. And he insisted that they did not intend to give up negotiation as an instrument for resolving political conflicts, in a speech measured to the millimeter.

As the classic put it, trust in art never comes from having all the answers, but from being open to all questions. An entire instruction manual for completing the puzzle.