Police: 2 officers were wounded and 1 deputy was killed in an ambush at the Houston bar.

An AR-15-style rifle-wielding man attacked three Houston police officers early Saturday morning, leaving one dead and two others injured.

Police: 2 officers were wounded and 1 deputy was killed in an ambush at the Houston bar.

According to the Houston Police Department, one man was detained near the scene. However, he is not believed by police to be the shooter.

According to Constable Mark Herman, the constable deputies were performing extra security duties at the 45 Norte Sports Bar. Two of them responded to a witness report about a possible robbery outside of the bar around 2:15 am.

According to Herman's office, the two deputies were trying arrest someone when an additional person attacked them. Herman's statement was posted on Facebook. According to authorities, the man was carrying an AR-15-style rifle. He opened fire from behind on the deputies. When he arrived to assist, the third deputy was also shot.

According to the constable's bureau, Kareem Akins, one of the first deputies to be shot, died from his injuries. According to the statement, Atkins, who is 30 years old, recently returned from parental leave. He leaves behind a wife, and a 2-month-old child.

The constable's office identified Juqaim Barthen (26), and Darrell Garrett (28). Garrett was shot in his back. He was admitted to intensive care following surgery. Barthen was not reported to the office, although Herman had previously told reporters that he had been shot in the foot.

According to Chief James Jones, Houston Police Executive Assistant Chief, it was unclear if the deputies had returned fire.

According to the Texas Association of Counties, constables are licensed peace officers that perform various law enforcement functions.