Personal care: Removing nose hair: Why the painless method is also the best

They tickle and scratch and look unsightly: the nose hairs.

Personal care: Removing nose hair: Why the painless method is also the best

They tickle and scratch and look unsightly: the nose hairs. So it's no wonder that men in particular want to get rid of the annoying hairs in the olfactory bulb. But before you start plucking out your hair, you should note that nose hairs play an important role.

According to Apotheker-Umschau, they serve as a natural protective barrier for the nose and filter out the smallest particles such as pollen, bacteria or viruses when breathing so that they do not settle in the respiratory tract. And we don't want to damage our immune system without good reason.

If the hair sticks out of the nose, it doesn't look particularly nice. Instead of ripping them out completely with a painful tug, the better way is to trim them. For the nose, trimming or trimming the hair is the gentlest and therefore best way. The easiest way to do this is with an electric nose hair trimmer like the Philips Nose Series 3000.

The trimmer's blade is specifically designed to trim the hair on your nose without cutting or scratching sensitive skin. Compared to plucking, this method is also significantly less painful. The only downside is that you have to trim your hair more often.

Otherwise, according to the manufacturer, the trimmer is not only suitable for nose hair. He also trims his eyebrows and ear hair. However, you should of course change the attachment. Otherwise it will be unhygienic. By the way, the trimmer does not use a battery and instead uses an AA battery.

There's even a wet razor for your nose. According to the manufacturer, the so-called “nasiser” is suitable for particularly thorough nose hair removal. The product became known in the TV show “The Lions’ Den” on Vox (like stern, part of RTL). In the stern test, however, the nose trimmer was unable to convince us compared to an electric trimmer. This was sometimes due to the fact that during a wet shave, hair is softened with the help of shaving soap so that it is easier to shave. This is of course difficult when shaving nose hair, which is why the nose razor felt unpleasantly pinchy during the test.

By the way, bearded bargain hunters choose a multifunctional trimmer. Thanks to various attachments, it not only fights nose hair, but also trims beard and other body hair. The all-in-one beard care body groomer set from Braun is recommended. In addition to the nose hair trimmer, it offers seven other attachments to trim your beard or other body hair to different lengths. Nice: You can also use the razor in the shower because, according to the manufacturer, it is waterproof. Perfect to integrate into your morning routine. According to the manufacturer, the integrated battery lasts 80 minutes.

There are three other hair removal options that you may want to avoid altogether because they can be particularly dangerous or harmful to the nose.

Sometimes even the best trimmer misses a hair. To catch this, some people use tweezers. However, ear, nose and throat doctors warn against plucking out nose hairs. As the Munich Merkur reports, citing Business Insider, plucking leads, according to Dr. Erich Voigt (New York University) on open hair follicles that can become inflamed and lead to painful abscesses.

The same applies to nose waxing, which is often offered at the barber. While this may be the most thorough method of nose hair removal, it is also the most aggressive.

Waxing has four possible negative consequences: Firstly, it is not recommended for those with beards because the liquid wax tends to get caught in the mustache. Getting it out of there can be a difficult task.

Secondly, it's not that easy to grow yourself because we knowingly inflict pain on ourselves - and that's exactly what our brain wants to avoid. This is why it can happen that you don't pull the wax pencil hard enough and the procedure is so painfully drawn out.

Thirdly, it is important to remember that the hot wax can damage your nasal mucous membranes, which especially happens if used improperly.

Fourth, pulling out nose hair (as with tweezers) leaves open hair follicles, which are very sensitive and are an excellent gateway for bacteria and viruses. Nose hair protection becomes a risk factor for disease. All of these negative factors do not outweigh the thoroughness of hair removal.

Some people trim their nose hair with nail scissors. This is also not recommended! On the one hand, it is quite difficult to get hold of the mostly curly nose hairs with scissors. And on the other hand, the risk of injury is particularly high with nail scissors because they are usually pointed and sharp. If you love your nose, it's better to keep it away from the small, pointed scissors.

If you want to get rid of annoying nose hairs for aesthetic reasons, you should definitely use a trimmer. This is the gentlest and most painless method. A multifunctional trimmer is the tool of choice when fighting hair on other areas of the body is also necessary.

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