Pellegrini: "I don't think Real Madrid is thinking about the Champions League final"

MADRID, 19 May.

Pellegrini: "I don't think Real Madrid is thinking about the Champions League final"


The coach of Real Betis, Manuel Pellegrini, "does not" believe that Real Madrid is "thinking about the Champions League final" during the match they will play this Friday at the Santiago Bernabéu, the last of the National League Championship for both teams.

"Not everything is finished, there is one last game that may have more or less importance, but there is always a sporting pride in trying to win any game, it is three more points in a difficult field against the champion of the League and in itself it is a game motivating and I hope we have a great performance," said Pellegrini at a press conference.

The Chilean coach is clear that they will meet "League champion Madrid, with a great squad, which has players accustomed to winning any game where they play it." "I don't think anyone is thinking about the Champions League final. They will be thinking about putting on a great individual performance and winning at home," added the Chilean.

Asked about his players, the 'engineer' announced some news, the first of them in the goal. "Claudio (Bravo) has a muscle injury that won't allow him to play again this season, it's not serious, but he needs a few more days to recover," he revealed.

"Víctor Ruiz and Bellerín are not considered either, with minor annoyances, like Camarasa and Montoya, who came from before. As for Joel or Tello - like last week - the most important thing is to try to win the game and for that one as a coach has to place the best team that believes that it can win", he commented.

"All the other additional things, if they can be done, the tributes, great, if not, I think they have fulfilled the club and we are all very grateful for what they have done," said Pellegrini, who considers "the most important , vacation days" to "restructure the campus". "When you make a mistake at the beginning, it's harder to correct later," he added.

Lastly, when asked about the Champions League final between Real Madrid, his rival this Friday, and Liverpool, the Betis coach said that he prefers the Whites to win. "They are two great teams, one has to be part of the League where they are, for me Real Madrid wins, since we are in the Spanish League. I think they have deserved important things, they have had unlikely comebacks against important teams and they they've done, so they deserve to win that final," he concluded.