Peel, chop, pound: children's cookbooks: five copies for young hobby cooks

There is no general answer to when children are old enough to help with the cooking.

Peel, chop, pound: children's cookbooks: five copies for young hobby cooks

There is no general answer to when children are old enough to help with the cooking. Depending on their level of development, the little ones can take on simple tasks from the age of two – such as sorting groceries. From the age of three, fruit and vegetables can be washed or the dough stirred. From the age of four, you can cut or peel food, and from the age of five you can even turn scrambled eggs in the pan. Between the ages of six and eight, even smaller courts can usually be taken over independently. However, you should weigh up when your offspring is actually ready. In any case, it is important that you never leave your children unattended while cooking!

Whether fried eggs or fried potatoes, pancakes or potato pancakes, pasta or pizza: many classic dishes are so simple that even young hobby cooks can prepare them. However, if you want to try something new, we recommend the following children's cookbooks. These are also particularly good as gifts:

1. My Lotta Life. The Cookbook.

Following on from the bestseller series "Mein Lotta-Leben", Alice Pantermüller has now also published a children's cookbook between the ages of nine and twelve. It contains 60 recipes for children to bake and cook at home, such as granola pancakes, lasagne and cinnamon donuts - or as Lotto says: "Kanelbullar. These are dumplings made from camels". Here is the children's cookbook.

2.Dr. Oetker school cookbook for children

In this children's cookbook for ages eight and up by Dr. Oetker is concerned with the correct handling of fresh food - and how child-friendly and sophisticated dishes can be conjured up from it in just a few steps. Whether breaded mini schnitzel, lasagna or frozen yoghurt: the book explains every recipe for children using simple language, clear ingredients and understandable step-by-step photos. Here is the children's cookbook.

3. Cooking and baking with the mouse

"The show with the mouse" has been delighting millions of children since 1971. What is special about the format is that it questions everyday things and explains them in a way that is easy to understand - this also applies to the associated cookbook, which not only lists recipes for children, but also tips and tricks for mouse fans. In addition to classic dishes, the copy also contains modern snacks such as burgers, smoothies or cake pops. Here is the children's cookbook.

4. The big organic cookbook for kids

Natural foods are gaining in importance in our society - and should not be a foreign word for children either. There are 200 recipes for children in this cookbook so that they can learn how to create delicious dishes for the whole family from organically certified ingredients. The instructions for cooking and baking are aimed at children between the ages of eight and ten, but can also be a good introduction to cooking for adults. Here is the children's cookbook.

5. Super delicious! Homemade

This children's cookbook is recommended (according to the manufacturer) from the age of six, but is perhaps more for experienced hobby cooks: the recipes it contains may sound very tasty, but they require a certain amount of skill - such as salmon in puff pastry or home-baked bread . Nevertheless, children should not shy away from it, as the dishes are explained step by step and with clear pictures. Here is the children's cookbook.

According to the federal working group Mehr Sicherheit für Kinder e. V., parents can increase safety (to protect their children) in the kitchen by considering the following tips when cooking:

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