PANORAMA NEWS: Air bomb defused in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel

Hamburg: After a long delay, a World War II bomb was defused in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel early Tuesday morning.

PANORAMA NEWS: Air bomb defused in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel

Hamburg: After a long delay, a World War II bomb was defused in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel early Tuesday morning. According to the fire brigade, around 5,000 people had to leave their homes in the restricted radius of 300 meters. Tim Mälzer's "Bullerei" restaurant was also evacuated, as the chef and restaurateur announced on Instagram. The airspace above the site was closed and the operation of several S-Bahn trains was suspended. Emergency accommodation was set up in the St. Pauli vocational school on Budapester Strasse.

The evacuation in the affected area was already completed around 10 p.m., as the police announced on Twitter. In the meantime it was said that the defusing was delayed due to the special location of the bomb. During the night, the police announced that certain work equipment was required, which was currently being procured. "The first attempt at the planned defusing could not be continued," the fire department tweeted.

At around 3.45 a.m., the second attempt to defuse could finally begin - with the note: "There may be a loud bang." Only after a second partial detonation did the police announce that the 500-pound bomb had been defused: "The bomb has been defused. The measures are now being gradually reduced. We wish you a good night!" She tweeted.

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Elmshorn, Schleswig-Holstein: A fire in an allotment garden in Schleswig-Holstein had affected train traffic in northern Germany on Tuesday morning. According to Deutsche Bahn, regional and long-distance traffic were affected.

In the meantime, no trains ran on the route between Elmshorn and Neumünster and Elmshorn station had to be completely closed. The train route between Kiel and Hamburg was also affected by the fire. In some cases, long-distance and regional trains were completely eliminated, as a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn said.

The disruption to railway operations was triggered by a fire in Elmshorn, in which cables on the track system were damaged.

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Düren, North Rhine-Westphalia: A basement fire smoked the stairwell of a residential building in Düren in North Rhine-Westphalia and blocked the escape route for residents on the upper floors. Three adults and five children came to hospital for treatment, as reported by the Düren fire department on Tuesday. Around 70 emergency services led the people through the stairwell with fire protection hoods on Monday evening and partly rescued them from the outside using ladders. 20 people were medically examined. The cause of the fire on Monday evening was initially unclear.

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Wuppertal, North Rhine-Westphalia: In the trial of a fatal penis enlargement in Wuppertal, the accused disappeared and is now being sought with an arrest warrant. When the process was to continue on Monday at the district court, the 46-year-old's place remained empty. His defense attorney said his client emailed him around midnight that he was unable to attend due to a gastrointestinal infection.

Since the court had no certificate, the police were called in. The man's employer told the officials at his place of work that he had signed off for a short vacation to Spain. The co-prosecutor, who represents the mother of the dead man, then spoke up: According to the defendant's Instagram account, he is currently in Spain.

The court then issued an arrest warrant for the man. The waiter is accused of giving a 32-year-old several injections of silicone oil to enlarge his penis. According to the indictment, he died because the silicone oil got into the bloodstream and caused blood poisoning.

Gelchsheim, Bavaria: Bed instead of seats: Four men and a woman lay unsecured on a bed in the back of a van when driving in Gelchsheim (Würzburg district). On Sunday, fourteen people between the ages of 20 and 66 were traveling in the overloaded van instead of the permitted nine passengers, a police spokesman said on Monday.

During the check, the investigators also found that there were two arrest warrants against a 34-year-old man. He must now serve a replacement prison sentence, said the spokesman. The 24-year-old driver is also being investigated because he was driving without a valid driver's license. Nine of the fourteen people were allowed to continue driving after the check. The other five had to organize another ride, according to a police statement.

Uelzen, Lower Saxony: A 46-year-old fell badly when she stole a handbag in Lower Saxony and later died. As the police announced on Monday in Lüneburg, the woman succumbed to her injuries in a hospital several days after the crime in Uelzen. The perpetrator was still on the run, investigators were looking for witnesses, among other things.

The exact cause of death is still unknown, an autopsy should bring more information, the police said. The unknown, approximately 35-year-old perpetrator had snatched the woman's handbag so brutally last Wednesday on a sidewalk near a hardware store in Uelzen that she fell and was seriously injured. He then fled with the bag.

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Leinfelden-Echterdingen: A fire in the so-called donkey mill in Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart on Monday morning caused damage that was probably in the six-figure range. A police spokeswoman said the fire in the main building was reported around 5:30 a.m. Post-extinguishing work is currently still in progress, it was said. As far as is known, no one was injured. Nothing is known about the cause of the fire.

The donkey mill is an old mill that now houses a wood-fired bakery, shop and inn. A few donkeys also live on the premises. According to current knowledge, none of the animals was injured.

Graal-Müritz, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Lifeguards rescued four children and three adults from the Baltic Sea in front of Graal-Müritz (Rostock district). The cause was dangerous currents that formed on Sunday at wind speeds of around five, especially on the Baltic Sea groynes, as Andre Rieckhoff, head of the German Life Saving Society (DLRG) Graal-Müritz, said on Monday. A ten-year-old from Rostock - non-swimmer - swallowed so much water that she had to be taken to a clinic by ambulance.

The problem is that children and adults can still stand at a certain distance from the beach in the bathing area, but the ground at groynes is washed out so that the water there is suddenly three meters deep. Two women had tried to pull the ten-year-old away from the groynes. In the end, all three had to be rescued. Shortly thereafter, first a mother with another child and then two girls got into such dangerous current situations. The rescuers noticed this in time.

The DLRG had hoisted yellow flags. Then non-swimmers and unsafe swimmers should not go into the water and no bathing aids should be used.

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Gifhorn, Lower Saxony: Watermelons do not necessarily have to come from the south - the fruits are also grown in Lower Saxony. The Eickenhofer Spargelreich in the district of Gifhorn is trying the exotic fruit for the first time this season for sale in the supermarket. "The first fruits are ripe at the end of July or beginning of August," said Managing Director Paul Schofer. The regional cultivation brings the advantage that the long transport route from southern Europe is eliminated, he said. The melon can then mature longer before it goes on sale. She'll be cuter that way.

Farmers have also been growing watermelons in the Uelzen district for several years. "We want to position ourselves broadly as a vegetable farm and market the sweet fruits," said Philipp Steffan from the Brummelkamp farm. Even if the harvest period is short, unlike in Spain, for example.

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Menden, North Rhine-Westphalia: A police patrol in Menden in Sauerland collected a whole bag full of kittens. Witnesses had alerted the officials when they discovered the apparently abandoned animals on a federal highway at around 2.30 a.m. on Sunday morning on the way home from celebrations. As the police announced on Monday, the witnesses managed to capture three of the kittens in the first attempt. The alerted police were then able to arrest two more animals. The young animals were then taken to the police station in a police officer's pocket and handed over to animal welfare.

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