Packing list: City trip planned? These ten things must be in your luggage for your next trip

Traveling to new countries is time-consuming and can be expensive.

Packing list: City trip planned? These ten things must be in your luggage for your next trip

Traveling to new countries is time-consuming and can be expensive. That's why travelers like to opt for the short version: the city trip. Instead of making a round trip through the country, you can discover the culture in the (capital) city, get to know the people and explore new places. Of course, nobody fully explores a country because a city is visited, but certainly a colorful bouquet of new experiences awaits city travelers. Numerous people live in cities and cultural peculiarities, such as delicious national dishes or traditions, can be easily discovered in small alleys or wide streets and at impressive sights.

If you are planning a city trip, you should primarily adapt your luggage to the prescribed suitcase weight and the weather conditions. In addition, there are useful travel tips for a packing list, which is worthwhile for city travelers. Basically, less is more. After all, it travels easier and faster with compact luggage. No waiting times at the airport, for example, at baggage claim and less weight that has to be moved through cities on foot. As a rule, rental cars are not included on city trips.

A city trip is mostly done on foot and using public transport. Means: luggage must be carried. That's why it should be compact. Those who make it rely on hand luggage. This saves waiting times at baggage claim, especially when traveling by air. Backpacks distribute the weight comfortably and can easily be carried around town on your back. Tip: Choose a backpack that opens completely at the front. This saves you having to unpack the entire contents and you can reach for things in a targeted manner.

Have you heard of packing cubes? The practical bags change packing from the ground up. If the contents otherwise flew criss-cross around suitcases, thanks to the panniers, all clothing and other items can be packed. Just imagine drawers and compartments in a wardrobe. This is how packing cubes work. Everything has its place and is easy to find. Compression panniers also save valuable space by shrinking down to a small size. More space for souvenirs from the city of your choice.

Hut sleeping bags ensure more well-being in ugly hotels and hostels during a city trip. The small sleeping bags can be folded up small, so they save space in the luggage and still offer a blanket and pillow in one. In summer when the temperatures are hot, the gadget can also be a pleasantly cool alternative to thick bed linen.

The lightness of the luggage convinces on city trips. The less weight you have to lug around, the easier it is to travel. Your own towels, like a clean place to sleep, also provide more comfort. Microfiber towels can be stowed away to save space and dry in no time at all.

There is also a small pack size when it comes to clothing. If you want to experience a lot on a city trip because time is short, you use every second. Rain showers can occur depending on the destination and travel time. A rain poncho that folds up small and weighs nothing is ideal as a companion.

City trips can be physically demanding. A few days and a lot to see, that's how short trips often work. Anyone traveling in the heat should take particular care to drink enough. Sustainable is the use of a reusable water bottle. This allows the bottle to be quickly refilled at drinking fountains or other public water sources.

Hand luggage is particularly suitable for city travelers because it promises little weight and a small pack size. However, liquids in hand luggage are limited, at least as far as air travelers are concerned. The liquids carried must not contain more than 100 milliliters. However, your favorite shampoo or something similar can easily be poured into compact containers. Silicone travel bottles are recommended because liquids can be easily removed from them.

Creams, cosmetics or toothbrushes — these things should not be missing on the city trip packing list. A practical hanging toiletry bag ensures that these utensils are stored appropriately. Why to hang? Because the toiletry bag can also be placed in the smallest hotel bathroom and there is no risk of it ending up on the floor.

Those who prefer to have their everyday toothbrush with them when traveling usually have a suitable travel case for electric toothbrushes and the like. If this is not the case, there is the option of taking a special folding travel toothbrush with you. The gadget can be packed to save space and protects the brush head.

Since the smartphone has become our constant companion, thousands of snapshots have been taken, especially when travelling. But be honest, how many of these pictures do you still look at regularly after the trip? On the other hand, you get unique photos with a disposable camera. Valuable snapshots are taken, which can be wonderfully captured in a photo album after the city trip.

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