New studies confirm Pedro Cavadas' thesis on the side effects of coronavirus vaccines

“If we want something safe, it will take a long time.

New studies confirm Pedro Cavadas' thesis on the side effects of coronavirus vaccines

“If we want something safe, it will take a long time. If we want something fast, we will have to accept that adverse symptoms will appear. The reality is that a coronavirus vaccine for it to be, being realistic, before a couple of years I do not believe it ».

Dr. Pedro Cavadas warned of the risks involved in the administration of vaccines against the coronavirus in record time when not a single dose had yet been inoculated throughout the world. It was October 2020. According to the calculations of the surgeon, who was one of the first voices in the Spanish scientific community to warn of the risks of covid, in order to have achieved a fully "safe and effective" vaccine, it would have been necessary to wait until fall of this year.

The need to stop the coronavirus pandemic led to the introduction of coronavirus vaccines much earlier than medical orthodoxy establishes, as Pedro Cavadas explained, establishes up to three different phases before their generalization.

Although there is consensus regarding the effectiveness of the different coronavirus vaccines to mitigate the consequences of contagion, the truth is that since the inoculation of the first doses, the adverse effects that the Valencian doctor warned about have proliferated.

In this regard, new studies on the side effects of coronavirus vaccines confirm Pedro Cavadas' thesis. This is the case of the report prepared by the Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan and published by the 'Journal of Clinical Medicine'.

Research carried out by Asian experts has associated Covid-19 vaccines with a new side effect: OAB syndrome, also known as overactive bladder.

Studies carried out by the Taiwanese university reveal that those who have been inoculated with the doses of Pfizer, Astrazeneca or Moderna against the coronavirus may suffer some mild effects. These include fever, diarrhea and vomiting.

In the case of our country, the pharmacovigilance service of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Aemps) had received 70,965 notifications of adverse events related to coronavirus vaccines until last May.

Apart from Pedro Cavadas' warning about the reactions that coronavirus vaccines could cause, the Valencian doctor also warned that the doses to deal with covid would take "several years" to reach the entire world population. In this sense, the latest reports released by the World Health Organization (WHO) confirm this point.

Thus, according to the conclusions of the 75th World Health Assembly held in Geneva, only 57 countries in the world - most of them high or medium-high income - have vaccinated seventy percent of their inhabitants. On the other hand, as Pedro Cavadas warned, close to a billion people in low-income countries have not yet received the immunization.

The case of China deserves a special mention, where the lack of vaccination for the group of people over sixty years of age and the deficiencies in its vaccines have led its authorities to decree severe restrictions that are reminiscent of those implemented by the Spanish Government in 2022.

In this sense, and in the face of the asymmetric evolution of the vaccination process that makes it difficult to eradicate the coronavirus, Dr. Pedro Cavadas led by example, received the doses against covid (in his case those of Moderna) and has launched harsh criticism against coronavirus deniers.

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