New: Opel Astra GSe: back to sport

It remains to be seen whether the new Astra GSe will finally be enough to make Opel's sportiest fans cheer again.

New: Opel Astra GSe: back to sport

It remains to be seen whether the new Astra GSe will finally be enough to make Opel's sportiest fans cheer again. After all, the omission of extremely dynamic sports versions such as GSI, GSe or OPC had caused all sorts of discontent among the fans. With the Opel Astra GSe, the compact class model and the variable station wagon brother are at least a step back in the right direction. While the Astra portfolio has so far lacked a powerful sports version, the new Opel Astra GSe now offers at least 165 kW / 225 hp / 360 Nm thanks to its hybrid technology. This puts the Rüsselsheim company behind the main competitors such as the VW Golf GTI / GTE / R or a Skoda Octavia RS / RS IV, but it brings emotions and dynamics back into the hitherto rather thin range of engines. “The new Astra GSe and the new Astra Sports Tourer GSe are perfect for launching our new sporty sub-brand and bringing it to life. At the same time, with these models, we are consistently pursuing our strategy of becoming a fully electric brand in Europe by 2028,” says Opel CEO Florian Huettl.

It can also be assumed that the GSe version in the Astra and Astra Sports Tourer will not remain a lone actor. Due to the gradual switch to electric models alone, the first GSe models from the Corsa, Astra and Co. will not be long in coming. With 115 kW / 156 hp for the new Opel Astra-e in terms of driving dynamics it still looks pretty thin compared to the competition. It can be assumed that the more powerful electric versions, which are to follow from 2024, will also carry the GSe signet on the rear, which once stood for Commodore and Rekord for Grand Sport injectors. Now, with the new Opel Astra GSe, it means "Grand Sport Electric" - further performance boosts are by no means excluded.

The 1.6 liter four-cylinder turbo with additional electric support already works in a similar drive package in the Citroen C5X or the DS9. In contrast to these two very comfortably tuned Stellantis four-door models, the hatchback and estate version of the Opel Astra are significantly sportier. This is expressed not only by the quite manageable differences at the front and rear and 18-inch rims, but also by a tighter sports suspension with a modified set-up. From a standing start, the front-wheel drive vehicle should reach 100 km/h in little more than seven seconds and the top speed should be around 235 km/h at a similar level to the identically motorized sister model of the Peugeot 308 Hybrid 225. It also attracts with an economical one Standard consumption of 1.1 liters Super per 100 kilometers. The prices should also be at the same level. The currently sportiest Peugeot 308 costs 45,500 euros with 225 hp, eight-speed automatic transmission and the corresponding equipment.

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