<<'El Cazador' is a candy and the offer was irrefutable>>

He was a well-known face on Galician Television.

<<'El Cazador' is a candy and the offer was irrefutable>>

He was a well-known face on Galician Television. Since May 3, he has been introduced as the new presenter for 'El Cazador. Rodrigo Vazquez, 34-year-old Orense, takes over from Ion Aramendi -who quit TVE to present the Sunday Gala of Survivors on Telecinco - where anonymous contestants face the 'hunters to raise a substantial sum of money.

-He has travelled the same route as Feijoo from Galicia to Madrid.

The reception was outstanding. Madrid has been a great place to be. They are all very professional and eager to help me understand the format. It was very quick. I tried my best, but let them guide me. We have had a very positive result in the first few weeks of recording.

What are you most likely to forget about Galicia's Galicia?

-More than one thing, but Madrid is flooded lately, so I don't know what's happening. Galician would laugh at that. I am very welcome in the city. Galicia is home to me. It's my family, my friends, and my family. Even though you can eat well in Madrid, the food is also delicious. The Galician's singing voice...these are the little things he is used to. Galician homesickness takes her everywhere she goes. I can also combine half of my week in one place with the other half in another.

How did you get the offer to be El Cazador's new presenter?

For a call, please click here. They had previously seen me doing another contest on Galician Television in the afternoons. They had always been interested in my work a few years back, but nothing more. They told me they needed a new face to present 'The Hunter'. There were many names to choose from and even more people to present the program. This program is a treat and the offer was irresistible. TVE and the producer liked me and I couldn't help but to take a step in my career.

It is not an easy decision to leave your TVG house.

We all would have liked the situation to be calmer and the relay to have been more calm, to have said good-bye to the TVG audience. But they were able to understand it perfectly. The channel and I have a great relationship. When I shared the news with him, the general manager was just as happy as my dad. We spoke the next day. He said that it was a great opportunity for us both, and for the Galician channel as it had a talent pool. He also assured me that he would continue to be available at TVG if there was a suitable project.

Galicia: "It's mine, my people, and my family... A Galician carries homesickness everywhere he goes."

Ion Aramendi

- Do your eyes open every morning to see the audience data?

It went very well. This is just a note. What matters is the average course. It was a great premiere. While I was eating breakfast, I learned about the audience's first day from my colleagues. We had great support from the faithful parish of El Cazador, and the curve was a success. We appreciate your continued support.

-Are you afraid of making comparisons with Ion Aramendi, your predecessor?

-Comparisons can be normal, and they are even more common if a face is changed in less than 24hrs. It's a matter habit. It is a matter of habit. Similar historical contests like 'Un, dos tres' have another presenter arrive. You look in the rear-view mirrors but it happens. The mark of 'The Hunter" must be a combination of the tension between the contestants and their style, which are the main protagonists. It is a privilege to be able to watch it live, as opposed to watching it on the couch.

-Have you spoken to Aramendi for advice?

It was very kind. Ion sent a very touching message via social media to say goodbye to his team and encourage me on the next stage. Ion was kind enough to ask me to meet with him. Ion has been a great source of good advice. He blindly trusted the team which was fantastic.

-Which hunter would you choose to face if you were a contestant in a hunt?

-With none. Because they aren't competing against each other or against pressure from friends, all contestants show courage to attend 'El Cazador. They are fighting against the best of the country. They are brave to come to the set and stand up against them. While I prefer to be on the side, I can still see what's happening as a neutral referee. However, sometimes I feel more on the side of the contestant.