Milan, one step away from winning the Scudetto eleven years later

Milan close to the title.

Milan, one step away from winning the Scudetto eleven years later

Milan close to the title. They won 2-0 against Atalanta and it would be worth a draw on the next day to proclaim themselves champion. Despite Inter's great season, the Milan project deserves this league. We can all remember the early years of Milan's decline back in 2014, when they wandered through Serie A and European competitions (the early years) with a squad full of veteran players, low-level players and inexperienced managers. Five years ago, however, the club decided to completely change its market strategy. He opted for young talent, for incorporating players on loan from big teams (Theo, Brahim, Tomori) and for an associative style of play. The project was bearing fruit little by little, and despite certain disappointments, the Milan directors were patient. The arrival of Stefano Pioli in 2019 gave the team the boost it needed to compete for titles in Italy. Last season they finished second, behind their neighbors in Milan and this season they can turn the tables and win the Scudetto eleven years later.

With the Champions League positions decided, the only question is which teams will go to the Europa League or the Conference and which one will be left without a prize. Roma got complicated drawing against relegated Venezia. Atalanta did not take advantage of it, in their aforementioned match against Milan, but Fiorentina and Lazio play tonight. A victory for the Tuscan team would allow them to overtake Roma in the Europa League spot. Lazio, meanwhile, play a complicated match in Turin against Juventus, but knowing that a victory would certify Sarri's team fifth place, one matchday in advance.

In the fight for relegation, Salernitana achieved a valuable point against Empoli. Their pursuers, Genoa and Cagliari, lost to Napoli and Inter, certifying the relegation of the Genoese. The only possible carom for them was a hypothetical triple tie at 31 points with their rivals, which benefited them due to the greater number of goals scored in the games played between the three. For this he needed a draw from Cagliari that did not occur, with the curiosity that the draw of a direct rival would be more beneficial to his interests than a defeat. In any case, a historic calcium club that finally falls to Serie B, after too many years flirting with relegation. Cagliari, meanwhile, still have options despite their defeat. They need the Salernitana not to win and to win their duel against Venezia to certify their place in Serie A for one more season.

The fight for the title in the Premier leaves a necessary reflection on whether it should be the individual goal average or the general goal that decides the tie on points. Those championships that opt ​​for the individual, such as the Spanish, leave less emotion in the last days, when the result in case of a tie is decided in advance. In those leagues, on the other hand, in which the individual prevails, the teams have the incentive to attack and go to score more goals in each game. Manchester City, for example, found themselves with a negative difference of six goals compared to Liverpool after the duel between the two teams on matchday 33. In the following five league games they have scored twenty-two goals conceding two, so they faced the game of yesterday against West Ham knowing that he could afford a puncture without that giving Klopp's team the lead. And so it was, West Ham went ahead 2-0 but City saved the furniture in the second half. He tied at two and is at the expense of the Liverpool match on Tuesday. A net prick could make Guardiola's men champions.

In the fight for the Champions League, a decisive Tottenham-Arsenal was played during the week. A Gunner victory would have closed this chapter, but Conte's are determined to stay alive. They thrashed Arsenal 3-0 on Thursday night and less than 48 hours later they did the same (1-0) against Burnley, who were risking their lives. Arsenal play tomorrow and still depend on themselves to finish fourth, but Arteta's men cannot afford any other mistakes.

Finally, in the fight for relegation things get even more heated if possible. Everton seem hell-bent on getting into trouble. They lost at home (2-3) against a Brentford team that had nothing at stake, after leading 2-1. Leeds, poor once again since Bielsa's departure, scratched a draw in the last minute against Brighton. 36, 35 and 34 points have Everton, Leeds and Burnley respectively, but the 'whites' have played one more game. Thursday's postponed matches between Everton and Burnley will be decisive.

If anyone might think that Bayern's tyrannical dominance over the German league makes it a boring competition, it means they haven't seen many Bundesliga games. The pace of the game in the Teutonic country is maximum, all the teams make dizzying transitions and the bulky results are the usual currency. The last day of the competition, played this Saturday, is a good example of all this. Both the fight for relegation and the fight for European competitions had an agonizing end that was decided in the last minutes of several matches. In all of them, the scoreboard moved throughout the match, benefiting one and the other.

Stuttgart and Hertha competed to avoid the play-out place, with the Berliners three points above, but with the goal average lost. In the twelfth minute, Stuttgart took the lead against Cologne. Four minutes later Hertha went ahead in turn. Those four minutes were the only time Stuttgart was ahead of Hertha. In the second half, Cologne equalized and Stuttgart saw their options vanish. Hertha's rivals Dortmund turned the score around soon after, but even defeat was worth the capital club at the time. It was in the 92nd minute when Wataru Endo scored the winning goal for Stuttgart and condemned Hertha to the final for permanence. The fight for Europe was decided in a similar way. There were goals in the last minutes in the four games with teams involved, although it is true that the classification did not change excessively during the day.

Freiburg did not get ahead of Leverkusen at any time, so they did not threaten Leipzig's Champions League spot. For its part, in the aforementioned game against Stuttgart, Cologne was not winning in the entire match either, so they stayed in seventh place, which gives access to the Conference. The only change of position was between Union Berlin and Freiburg. A goal in the 88th minute for the Union gave them victory almost at the same time that Leverkusen scored the goal that gave them the game against the team from the Black Forest. Both will play Europa League next season. This is how the 2021-2022 Bundesliga said goodbye, which despite Bayern's umpteenth victory has left strong emotions.

The French league played its penultimate day in unified time this Saturday. The fight for Europe left two notorious punctures that ostensibly alter the table. Marseille, which has been second for much of the championship, lost the direct duel against Rennes. Monaco's victory deprives them of the second place that gives direct access to the Champions League, unlike the third, which forces them to play a preliminary. Strasbourg, meanwhile, won at home and in turn ahead Nice, who surprisingly lost at home to Lille after leading 1-0. The defeat leaves the team from the blue coast out of the European positions at the expense of the last and decisive day.

In the fight for relegation, Saint Étienne and Bordeaux, the two historical ones that are experiencing a nightmare season, respectively added the penultimate and last stage of their ordeal. Those from Rhône lost to Reims at home and Girondins did not go beyond the draw against Lorient, giving the latter the mathematical salvation. As if that were not enough, Metz won, which certifies the virtual relegation of Bordeaux, three points behind both and with a significantly worse overall goal average than that of their rivals. The season of this French football classic has been dramatic from start to finish. The suspension of Ligue 1 due to the pandemic, together with the losses of the following season and Mediapro's frustrated contract with the French competition, had left Girondins in a precarious economic situation that has been reflected on the pitch. For its part, Saint-Étienne no longer depends on itself to reach the play-out place. Of course, Metz plays the last day in Paris, so presumably a victory for 'les verts' would allow them to play the relegation promotion.