Medity is born, the first exclusive social network for doctors

The medical community already has its own social network.

Medity is born, the first exclusive social network for doctors

The medical community already has its own social network. A group of entrepreneurs and doctors from Salamanca has just launched Medity, an App with which to connect with professional colleagues from anywhere in the world to share knowledge, information and experiences in a private and protected environment. The platform has the same functionalities as other social networks such as LinkedIn, WhatsApp or Twitter (connect, chat, create conversation or work groups, share and comment on publications...), with the peculiarity of being exclusively for the medical community, which can only be accessed by invitation and prior entry of your membership number.

The safe and secure environment is precisely one of the strengths of the platform, whose communications will be encrypted from origin to destination, explains Ignacio Hernández, CEO and founder of Medity, for whom the App is his second immersion in the health sector.

It was precisely with their first project (online medical opinion, with nearly 25,000 patients treated during the pandemic) that, together with the promoting medical team, they verified the need to improve their communications and work teams by creating an exclusive social network for the community in which connect privately without the need to provide your home mobile phone or email.

Searching and finding professional colleagues by specialties, creating working groups by pathologies or work centers, generating publications and events are some of the features of this new social network, which has just been launched in Spain.

The challenge led by Ignacio Hernández, as CEO, is joined by two other renowned co-founders, Mario Vicente (entrepreneur and investor in startups), and Dr. David Pescador. Medity also has a prestigious team of advisers, such as the lawyer and legal adviser José María Rozas, or Dr. Juan Blanco, among others.

Together with them, all from Salamanca, Medity is made up of an initial human team of a dozen people for the launch in Spain and Latin America. “We have managed to add to the project an unbeatable professional and human staff, who are joined by new travel companions every day. We can say that we have one of the best networks of medical specialists in Spain, who have opted for the project and are convinced of the great value it brings to the community," says Hernández in a statement collected by Ical.

Medity is now available on the main platforms (Apple Store and Play Store) and registration is enabled, via invitation, through the web form or through the invitation code of a professional colleague who is already a member of the network.