Meat is not a vegetable: gas grill accessories: 8 gadgets that should not be missing when grilling

Wait a minute, one or the other may ask when looking at the calendar: Isn't there still a little time with the barbecue? Yes and no.

Meat is not a vegetable: gas grill accessories: 8 gadgets that should not be missing when grilling

Wait a minute, one or the other may ask when looking at the calendar: Isn't there still a little time with the barbecue? Yes and no. If you own a charcoal grill, you really have to be patient. Unless he has some charcoal left over from the previous season and finds a few equally crazy people who are also keen on grilling in February. Viewed in this way, and I am very reluctant to write this as a native of Thuringia, gas grill fans have a small advantage. Because at least the indoor variants of the fire-free grills (like this table grill from Weber) can basically be thrown on all year round. Plugged in the gas cartridge and happily sizzled away. But because sausages, neck steaks and feta vegetables get boring in the long run, gas grills are also being experimented with a lot. In this article you will find out which tools you (and women) need for this and what is still indispensable for gas grilling. For anyone who has been thinking about retiring the charcoal grill for a long time, a gas grill comparison is worthwhile.

Where there is sizzling, it splashes and spills. Because this can hardly be avoided and grease stains are difficult to get out of shirts and trousers, grill masters wear aprons inside. Choice of robust cotton or hard-wearing leather. And preferably unisex, so you can spontaneously take turns sizzling. Also advantageous: a wax-coated outer layer and two pockets for essential gadgets such as a meat thermometer, spices and whatever else the griller needs.

A BBQ without beer? Hardly imaginable. And so that the grillmaster doesn't die of thirst either, there is a practical bottle holder for the Pils on the grill. The small steel basket is flexibly attached with two magnets. Smart: A bottle opener is integrated in the base. Bottom up!

Ribs, sausages, fish and vegetables are usually grilled and eaten very quickly. Unfortunately, working and having fun afterwards doesn't really work when barbecuing. Because only if you take a little time to clean the grill afterwards will the meat taste good the next time. If you would rather have a beer more instead, you could try a grill mat. Komoto's smart BBQ helper is made of glass fiber fabric and coated with Teflon. The principle is simple: place the mat on the grill grate, grill the food on it, sizzle as usual, done! The mat can be cut to size with scissors and is dishwasher safe. All in all, a really clean thing. A nice side effect: Mini sausages, bacon or other small delicacies no longer fall through the grid so easily. The Komoto grill mat is available here.

Grilling with gas is much cleaner than the charcoal variant (if you can even call it that when grilling). Plus point for the balcony grills. On the other hand, the heat is not distributed nearly as evenly under the grilled food, because the burners are not flexible in contrast to the glowing briquettes. The flame must therefore be distributed differently in order to be able to cook the meat perfectly. The solution: so-called flame distributors made of stainless steel. The idea: The metal sheets, perforated with holes or slots, are placed over the gas burners. The heat now flows through each of the openings and sizzles the food much more evenly. A nice side effect: the trays protect the sensitive burners from dripping fat and end up in the dishwasher later.

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Ribs (or spare ribs) are an absolute classic at barbecue parties. But often it is also a medium-heavy mess when the marinated meat nibbles end up on the grill. And this is where the spare rib holder comes into play. The stainless steel part from Weber can even be used on both sides. The ribs can be lined up accurately on one side - similar to plates in a dishwasher. This saves space on the grill and is also a clean affair. Even turned upside down, the rib shelf serves as a smart grilling aid. Juicy roasts can be cooked smartly in the stainless steel basket.

Bratwurst and neck steak alone won't win you a flowerpot on the grill these days. Fish, vegetables, potatoes and vegan delicacies have long ended up on the grills of this world. And instead of exposing the food directly to the fire, the trend is towards indirect grilling. Means: The meat is seared briefly and sharply and then wrapped (in aluminum foil) and placed on the edge of the grill for gentle cooking. And if you're still more adventurous, you can try smoking. This works best with a smoker box or a smoker tube and works both hot and cold. With fish and meat, but also cheese or nuts. Depending on what the box or tube is filled with, smoked aromas of cherry, beech, stone pine or other wood refine the food. Here's a smoking chip mix with wood from Austria.

Even if there are no flying sparks on the gas grill - the grill surface is still hot. That's why safety comes first here too. Grill gloves are a must. Flame-retardant META aramid fibers have been incorporated into the Rösle grilling gloves, and the inner lining made of cotton is breathable. Small silicone applications provide the necessary grip on the grill tongs. At the neuralgic point between the thumb and forefinger, a leather reinforcement also protects against possible burn injuries. Nice: The gloves can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

You can also make a science out of grilling. Gourmets don't just throw the slices of meat and sausages on the grill and wait until they are crispy brown on both sides. Fruity, exotic or spicy-spicy marinades are the easiest exercises. But there are also tips and recipes for this in Weber's Barbecue Bible. The authors have compiled a total of 160 ideas for perfect steaks, fish or burgers in the book. Everything illustrated and explained in step-by-step instructions. If you are still looking for inspiration for the first barbecue evening of the year, you will find it in this barbecue book.

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