"Mbappé will be at PSG next season": the story behind Karl Olive's astonishing tweet

Ordinarily, Karl Olive masters the art of communication rather well.

"Mbappé will be at PSG next season": the story behind Karl Olive's astonishing tweet

Ordinarily, Karl Olive masters the art of communication rather well. The former journalist and sports boss of Canal, now mayor (DVD) of Poissy (Yvelines), is very active on social networks and his message published on Tuesday evening caused a tidal wave on Twitter.

It must be said that it was about the future of footballer Kylian Mbappé, the star of PSG and the French team, THE soap opera which has been animating the football planet for many months and whose epilogue must take place in the next few hours. . Will leave (to Real Madrid) or will not leave? Karl Olive dropped his scoop: “The immense @KMbappe will be at @PSG_inside next season. We'll discuss it again later…

Karl Olive's tweet about Kylian Mbappé, which has been deleted. DR

A short message that was quick to go around social networks, causing excitement in some, anger or questioning in others. Bilel Ghazi, a former journalist now in Kylian Mbappé's close entourage, answered him directly: "Well done from a political point of view... You throw a coin in the air and you have a one in two chance of being able to say : " I was right ". A message "liked" by Fayza Lamari, the mother of Kylian Mbappé.

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On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the one who played at PSG where he was also a referee, finally decided to withdraw his tweet. “Faced with the avalanche of all-out comments, sometimes disrespectful and insulting, I decided to delete my tweet, writes Karl Olive. We should however have the same passion and the same support for football in general and our club in particular! Good night all. »

"Not the spokesperson for PSG"

If some thought it was a scoop, the entourage of the mayor of Poissy assures that this tweet was purely subjective, made in a personal capacity and in no way information on the future of Kylian Mbappé. Karl Olive being a big fan of PSG, he simply hopes to see the striker extend his adventure in the jersey of the Parisian club. We are also assured that he had no exchanges with the Parisian club on this subject and that he did not "become the spokesperson" of PSG on this file.

A subjectivity difficult to read in Karl Olive's original tweet, as he seemed definitive and aware of his "connections" both at the club and in the Mbappé clan. For the record, the candidate for the legislative elections under the Ensemble label is close to President Emmanuel Macron and even tipped to enter the new government. In Poissy, a town of 37,000 inhabitants to the west of the capital, the city councilor succeeded in the masterstroke of attracting PSG and its Qatari owners there to set up their future training camp there.

He is a man (of many) of networks, who was present on Sunday evening at the UNFP Trophies ceremony which crowned Kylian Mbappé best player in Ligue 1 for the third time in a row. On March 23, Karl Olive wore the colors of the Variétés club de France during a match in Troyes (Aube) alongside Wilfrid Mbappé, the father and adviser of the most coveted player in world football.