Maxime eliminated from Koh Lanta: "Giving up never crossed my mind"

Linked to Louana during episode 12, Maxime precipitated her in her fall.

Maxime eliminated from Koh Lanta: "Giving up never crossed my mind"

Linked to Louana during episode 12, Maxime precipitated her in her fall. Eliminated by his former teammates, Maxime looks back on his journey in Koh Lanta, the cursed totem.

Aged 33, Maxime is one of the outstanding candidates for the 2022 season of Koh Lanta. Integrated into the blue team by Alexandra then chosen in the red team, Maxime is one of those participants who successfully passed the reunification. However, everything has not always been a long calm river for this Parisian portfolio manager since some tensions have appeared on the red camp, Ambre or Louana not always appreciating his remarks. Despite the fact that he has been singled out several times, Maxime has always remained faithful to his red team, despite the alliance proposals of the ex-Yellows. Associated with Louana during episode 12, he is finally eliminated by the reunited tribe, François and Ambre judging that he did not necessarily share their values.

First of all, it's a program that I really liked, which already made me experience sensations as a viewer. I imagined myself in the place of the participants, on the physical tests. I told myself that if it was already so strong on TV, it must be completely crazy in real life. Then, I want a life full of extraordinary things and Koh Lanta is clearly one of the craziest things you can experience.

There is not one aspect that is particularly more difficult than the others. What's hardest for me is the combination of everything. That's what makes it difficult. It's because we're both cold and hungry, because we miss our loved ones, because there's pressure on events, because there's the possibility of elimination... That's what combo that makes it interesting and so intense.

What I would keep is that I was happy with my ability to mentally survive in an extremely difficult environment and really not let go. Never, at any time, abandonment could cross my mind. Regardless, the idea was really to keep moving forward as far as possible.

On the hot seat, it's not quite accurate in the sense that my name appears but, in itself, the votes are organized in such a way that it goes well. Then you talk about the red camp, but it's some people from the red camp. What I mean is that it's more subtle than that. Don't imagine that all the Reds want to eliminate Maxime and he doesn't want to go to the Yellows. No, that is absolutely not what is happening. Maxime, he lives an adventure on the camp where it goes well 95% of the time, where there are one or two people with whom he has a little hooks from time to time. But the rest of the time everything is fine. For the others, I understand that my name was used as bait because it's easier rather than the names changing.

I wouldn't say everything was fine. I would say that the vast majority of the time and with the majority of people, there was the same guideline as me, which is to preserve the red alliance. Then, Bastien came to see me, suggesting that I rally people with whom I don't have any particular affinity and with whom I don't want to spend time in the rest of the adventure. And then Bastien does not know that there is someone in his team who is playing double game. So at that time, I have no reason to join a team like that. Strategically, for me, it makes no sense.

In fact, they were steadily calming down. Every three days, there was a new little hook and that's what we show on the show, but the rest of the time it was going well. Why were there hooks? That's a lack of communication between two people between whom it doesn't match. Human relations are very subtle. Sometimes, in difficult circumstances like the ones we live in, we try to do our best, we try to put water in our wine, it doesn't work. We both have strong characters and Louana blames me for exactly what she puts forward in her portrait when she says that she likes to control everything and have things done her way. Oddly enough, that's exactly what she blames me for in the camp.

I find that very funny. I think that's great. I only hung on the camp almost with her and suddenly we find ourselves together. I also tell myself that I strongly believe in the green alliance and that Louana can be a luxury lightning rod.

Yes, on both events. Because I support her in the tasting test where she is really not well and I encourage her. And after on the beam, this time it's her who carries me, who speaks to me because I need it. It's incredible to see that in adversity we manage to tune our violins.

Yes, it's the first time we've seen it, but in reality, since reunification, I've worked with François to try to organize things. Not for Colin's vote but for the vote against Yannick and the organization of the quadruple vote with Nicolas. In short, the truth is that it's not the first time that I've been active on strategies, it's just that we haven't shown it before. Am I confident? No, because I have a few signs that make me think that I'm not sure that Fouzi and Géraldine are following me. These signs appear a few minutes before the advice and I can't change everything at that time.

Before leaving, when we talk on the beach, I saw shifty looks, that kind of thing. When one asks the other, "Is it okay? Are we okay for tonight?", he lowers his eyes. The attitude is strange.

Understood, I don't know. But I was surprised in any case, especially from François.

Let's just say that's not my favorite justification when you're in a game.

What is certain is that, in the previous episode, François laughs "olalah, Louana wins all immunities! As soon as she no longer has the totem, you have to cut off her head!" And, at the next council, she leaves. Afterwards, I'm not in their head to predict anything. I'm just saying that a competitor as formidable as Louana can be scary.

Yes, I have regrets. I wish I had broken a jug!

I tell myself that you can see my smiling and jovial side on TV!

Yes, but in a place where it rains less!