Matignon knew of the allegations against Abad even before Mediapart was published

"Ofcourse I didn't know.

Matignon knew of the allegations against Abad even before Mediapart was published

"Ofcourse I didn't know. Elisabeth Borne, who was on Sunday traveling to Calvados, reacted to the Damien Abad incident for the first-time. This defector from the right (ex LR) was appointed Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy, and People with Disabilities. She is accused of raping 2 women in an article published by Mediapart on Saturday, May 21st. The Prime Minister stated that she was aware of the allegations against Damien Abad through the article. However, new evidence has corroborated his claims. Franceinfo information states that Matignon knew about the allegations against the minister at the least one day before the Mediapart revelations.

Franceinfo was informed that Marine Turchi, Mediapart journalist, called Matignon's press service on Friday afternoon at the end. She explained to her interlocutor that she was conducting a lengthy investigation into the new minister. At 7:43 p.m., she sent an email with several questions to Matignon's press address. Franceinfo was able access the email and it is material evidence that the Prime Minister knew about it. Marine Turchi stated to Franceinfo that the Prime Minister's office cannot say Sunday morning that they discovered things using the Mediapart article. It's totally false.

The journalist also sent a second email on Saturday morning just before 10:10 a.m., but it was not answered. Franceinfo reports that the Prime Minister's entourage read the emails from Mediapart. Even though the timing of the incident is unclear, it seems certain that Elisabeth Borne had been notified before the Mediapart investigation was published. Franceinfo was contacted again by Matignon, who said that Matignon is formal. "The Prime Minister was very explicit, she found the details of the charges against Damien Abad within the Mediapart article.

Mediapart requested this information in response to the announcement of the new government. This was on Friday at 4:30 pm on the Elysee steps. The Observatory of Sexist and Sexual Violence in Politics claims that it sent an email report from Monday, May 16, to several senior executives of the majority. This included Stanislas Guerini (general delegate of LREM), Christophe Castaner (president of LREM in the National Assembly), and Berangere Couillard (Macronist MP for Gironde). Alerts sent without any reactions.

Emmanuel Macron, on the other side of the Elysee has not yet commented. His entourage told BFMTV that he was aware that a 2017 complaint had been filed for facts that were alleged to have occurred in 2010. However, he stated that he did not know the details of the case or the facts. The entourages of the Head and tenant of Matignon would not have known the testimony of the second woman, Mediapart.

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