Marie-Sophie Lacarrau: what illness did the TF1 presenter suffer from?

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau returned to the presentation of the 1 p.

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau: what illness did the TF1 presenter suffer from?

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau returned to the presentation of the 1 p.m. newscast on TF1. She had been away for five months due to an illness: she suffered from amoebic keratitis.

[Updated May 16, 2022 1:15 p.m.] "I'm so glad, glad to have you back." It is with these words that Marie-Sophie Lacarrau opened her first news after an absence of almost 5 months. The presenter of the 13 hours of TF1 had to depart since December 17 due to a rare disease from which she suffered. "Many of you have heard from me, and I thank you for that". Jean-Pierre Pernaut's replacement revealed a few days earlier to the Parisian that she suffered from amoebic keratitis, an illness that affects the cornea. There are about fifty cases per year for this disease, which mainly affects wearers of contact lenses or contact lenses.

“I lived two months in the dark”, revealed Marie-Sophie Lacarrau to the Parisian, on May 13, just a few days before taking over the head of the JT of TF1. Indeed, among the symptoms of this disease are sensitivity to light, sore eyes, redness and tearing. Particularly complicated to live with when you work on a television set on which there are many spots, but especially when you go on television daily. "During my 4 and a half months of absence, I waited to resume a normal life and my work. I had no choice: I had to take care of myself."

With the mediator of TF1, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau explains that I am "very well. I am coming out of a difficult period but I am better and I am ready to resume". She does not hide that the plateau of 13 hours of TF1 as well as the work missed him during his period of convalescence. "I thank the viewers for their kindness and for all the good energy they tried to send me. I'm better. What happened to me is behind and now I'm focusing on what's coming."

For five months, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau had to be absent from the presentation of the 1 p.m. newscast on TF1. She did not hide being sick, more particularly of the eyes. The news presenter also explains to the Parisian her symptoms: overnight, she could no longer bear the light, and had difficulty wearing her contact lenses. She explains thus having "suffered a lot. It is a disease which hurts very badly, like its treatments. You have the impression of having gravel or pieces of glass in your eye".

Marie-Sophie Laccarau suffers from amoebic keratitis. With Le Parisien, the journalist explained that she suffered from amoebic keratitis, a severe eye infection. "It's an infection of the cornea by amoebae, parasites present in tap water, she describes in the national daily. The fatal combination was: lens and tap water." The disease from which Marie-Sophie Lacarrau suffered, amoebic keratitis, is relatively rare: in fact, it affects around fifty people a year.

What consequences can amoebic keratitis have? Among the disorders that this disease can cause, let us mention a reduction in the field of vision, a clouding of the vision but also an erosion of the cornea. Marie-Sophie Lacarrau affirms it however, she was never afraid of losing her sight. Her infected right eye, however, was "still closed", and the presenter had to live "two months in the dark".

Born September 20, 1975 in Villefranche-de-Rouergue in Aveyron, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau is a journalist specializing in the presentation of television news. After doing a preparatory class in Toulouse, she goes to a modern literature college in the pink city. It was in 1996 that she took her first steps as a journalist: during internships at Midi Libre then LCI and M6. She then joined the editorial staff of France 3 Quercy-Rouergue in 2000 and then of France 3 Midi-Pyrénées in 2002.

On the local antenna of France 3 Midi-Pyrénées, it is gradually taking the lead. She was first entrusted with the regional news for the Christmas 2005 period, then she took over the head of this same news either at noon or at 7 p.m. Five years later, she replaced Catherine Matausch on weekends on the national channel of France 3. From 2010 to 2014 she became Carole Gaessler's joker for the 19/20 newscast on France 3.

From August 2014, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau continued her career in public service as joker at 1 p.m. but also at 8 p.m. on France 2. She held this position for two years before becoming the titular presenter of the 1 p.m. 2 after the departure of Elise Lucet. From 2017 to 2019, she was also joker on the 8 p.m. news on France 2 during the week. On December 4, 2021, she presented her first 13-hour newscast on TF1, succeeding Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

After 20 years spent on France Télévisions, between France 3 and France 2, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau accepted TF1's offer to join the 1 p.m. news to replace Jean-Pierre Pernaut after 33 years of good and loyal service. She took her place in the presenter's chair at 1 p.m. on TF1 on January 4, 2021, while Jacques Legros will remain, as for him, joker as was the case during the reign of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. After greeting the viewers, the presenter confirmed her desire to follow in the footsteps of her predecessor at the opening of her first 1 p.m.: "I have a wish for this new year, she said at the opening of her first 1 p.m. I hope to weave with you as soon as possible these same bonds of complicity and trust that you have been able to build with Jean-Pierre Pernaut for 33 years.

Salary of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau on TF1

The new presenter of the JT of 13 Hours of TF1 will receive the same salary as Jean-Pierre Pernaut. When questioned, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau kicked in touch but admitted not having negotiated her emoluments. "Are you kidding? When I said yes to this incredible challenge, I didn't even think about the salary. They told me after how much I would earn, I was very happy, end of the deal, she said explained to Elle magazine "It's true that we have a hard time talking about that... When you're a woman, you have the impression of begging, of having to put forward a thousand arguments... We're not yet out of the brambles of this point of view."

On the private side, unlike some of her colleagues, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau has always remained discreet. We know, however, that she has been married to Pierre Bascoul since 2006. Founding director of Nolita Prod, which produces advertising and institutional films, Bascoul is five years older than the journalist. Together they had two sons, ages 11 and 13, Malo and Tim. Asked about her pace of life, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau had given some details to Elle magazine shortly after the announcement of her arrival on TF1, returning to her start on France 2. “I am lucky to have a husband who m always supported. I mean, I have a normal husband who supported me, so it's better (laughs). It was for the boys that it was harder because we lived in the countryside. went from a village of 1,000 people to a school of 1,000 students, it was fun for them. But the kids are adaptable, and they know that when I'm not working, all my time is for them. My little tip, it's that I've already brought them to the office so that they can see what I spend my days in. When I got back, the big guy said to me, 'I understand why you brought us up, you're having a blast, c 'it's great !' Phew."

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau is a French journalist proud of her Toulouse origins. She was born in Villefranche-sur-Rouergue, in Aveyron, where her mother is from. However, she spent most of her childhood in Perpignan, in the Pyrénées-Orientales, following the divorce of her parents when she was only two years old, as she confides in an interview with TV Grandes Chaînes.