Manueco, I want it but I can't get there

They are so afraid that they will not allow anyone to rule them.

Manueco, I want it but I can't get there

They are so afraid that they will not allow anyone to rule them. Vox It was this that the PP's electoral squad in Castilla y Leon heard beating just hours before a scrutiny. They danced from the garlands of the popular at night to a handful of 31 seats. With them they can retain power. But at the expense of Alfonso Fernandez Manueco. Either a pact made with Vox during the campaign to the Cid Campeador's rump, or a complex maneuver to attempt to unify all of Empty Spain around a small majority that Abascal must clamp with the "sanchismo". A via Crucis was provided for those who could not have exhausted the legislative of Ciudadanos and without risking it to Madrid. Pablo Casado would agree that Manueco looks like Isabel Diaz Ayuso's egg, and Manueco is a beet because of this.

Alfonso, Pablo and Pablo don't know how much they have tended to the wounds left by the Castilian Leon PP For Soraya Saenz De Santamaria's defeat of the president of the party. They now have to accept the disappointment of an electoral advance remotely managed from Madrid. This is unfortunate for a Manueco, whose result embodies all of the hardships of Casado. I want, but I cannot. I want to, but it's impossible. The PP leadership had made it necessary for its candidate for reelection to accomplish what the leader imposes upon himself: win where the Socialists won in 2019, and do so with such ease that they don't need to rely on anyone. This is the evil that binds people. They are forced to make a herculean effort to establish themselves as the center, with undisputed majorities, because there is no one they can agree with. Citizens' takeover bid is devastating for Arrimadas. They didn't want too, as Manueco last night did not make any commitments to anyone, but he did open the door to a stable government that will give stability to Spain. Vox is adding to this.

The new King Pirro de Castilla y Leon is a 56 year-old Salamanca man with a reputation of having a calm temper and a history of corruption in primaries. A grayish leader, who isn't recognized as being able to project himself in Spanish politics. He doesn't look like Ayuso. Contrary to the Madrid president's resounding victory, Manueco would not have been a rival to Casado. Castile-Leon's acting president, the son of a Franco mayor and the father of two daughters who support him, is proud to be a 'party man. Professional politician who is not afraid to play when needed. He plays now. Through Genoa, he can break the taboo that Vox is governing. Either because he feels the need to push last night's scrutiny or because he spreads in the PP the conviction that Moncloa will never be recovered by another.

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