Maite Oriol: "They all doubt but none regrets having their son"

-Mary's home.

Maite Oriol: "They all doubt but none regrets having their son"

-Mary's home.

-It is a non-profit association. We welcome pregnant women in situations of loneliness and risk and we empower them in this very difficult society.

-To empower.

-We help them to be autonomous, to take control of their lives, to not feel so small.


-When they arrive the first thing we give them is a hug and we tell them that they are already home, with their family. Then we interview them to learn about their specific case.

Hugs are fine, but...

-The most important thing for a disoriented and lonely person is to welcome them. Then we bring them together in support groups to share their difficulties, we give them training so that they can find work in the future and also material help such as strollers, milk, diapers and hygiene items.

Similarly, we have a group of lawyers, gynecologists and psychologists who help them with whatever they need.

-Even when?

-They arrive pregnant and in principle they leave when the baby is one year old and the mother already has a little structured life. For those mothers who are still alone and don't know where to go, we put a person close by who will do a personalized follow-up. We put what we call an angel on them.

-Who pays for all this?

-The State does not give us anything. We live on donations from individuals and volunteers. It costs all of us time and money to be here, but we all feel very grateful to be able to do it.

-We give birth We decide.

-The women who come to Hogar de María also decide about their bodies. We founded the organization in 2014 and since then we have welcomed and accompanied 1,800 women. They all enter with doubts, they all think about it, and they all end up understanding that they are bearers and responsible for a human life, that of their son, and with great love they decide to have him. None have repented.

-March for life.

-Today at six in the afternoon we organize a march for life on the beach of Marbella in Barcelona to raise funds. It's a fun, nice act. We need the money to continue helping. These mothers are the poorest in society. They have to be with their children, they cannot work. Any resource is very important to them.


The organization dedicated to helping pregnant women organizes today a march on the beach of Marbella