Luis Enrique: "There'll be surprises before and during the World Cup."

Luis Enrique has been defining the block with which Spain will travel to Qatar World Cup.

Luis Enrique: "There'll be surprises before and during the World Cup."

Luis Enrique has been defining the block with which Spain will travel to Qatar World Cup. However, he used the opportunity to preview La Roja's appearance in the third edition of League of Nations against Portugal to show that the group is far from closed. It is true that my lists have become predictable because it is logical. I can count on the players who have helped me feel confident to come. But they also know that the lists are open and that they don't need to be stupid. He said that there will be many surprises ahead of the World Cup with young and not so young players who provide a very high standard.

Asturian coach Luis Enrique expressed his interest in a tournament that was created to fill the gap between the inconsequential friends of another time but has been strengthened by its lively level. Luis Enrique said that the competition, aside from bringing back good memories and a very nice format motivates us. He assumes the tight schedule that will bring La Roja four matches in eleven days, but does not intend to get into any controversies. We only have five FIFA dates, and they are where they are. They are there because I don't care if I like them. He said that he focuses on what I can control, and this is relatively small outside of the selection.

He said that Spain's goal is to win the competition. This he believes is a difficult task due to the level of rivals. He stressed that although there are no members of group A who win every game, it is not the goal of his team to be the best.

Opponents often focus on the offensive potential and combined game of the Spanish team, but Luis Enrique focused on the defensive capabilities of his squad. The Gijon man said, "It's a team that draws attention because it has the ball. But we are a top defensive team." Portugal was a team that he said is well-organized and values the "individual quality" of its players. He explained that you can simply look at how much your players move, and that they are derived from winning important things.

After spending nearly the entire season in dry dock, Ansu Fati returned to La Roja. Luis Enrique believes that he will need to be gentle with Ansu Fati, although he considers that his physical problems are over. We must forget about the injury to Ansu. He is now fully recovered and has been playing for Barca the past half-a-month and a quarter, although only for a brief time. The coach stated that if a player hasn’t played in a while, he must play. He stated that these matches are official and that he expects the players to be 100%.

He spoke highly of Marco Asensio. This was a surprise since Marco Asensio hasn't worn the national jersey in the last year and a quarter. He is a great player and possesses tremendous quality. He is the best player, and I've always believed that he should be there. It is important to be there. I have trained him well, and we will see how he performs when he competes. He commented on the Balearic.

He was also full of praises for Sergio Busquets who he praised in the friendlies against Albanian and Iceland but whom he will give the baton to again in the League of Nations, and of course, in the World Cup. Taste. The Busi thing is extraordinary. He has been criticized many times in an unfair manner. He has played the most time. He was given rest in March. It was March. I could have given it in June too, but I cannot let myself be tempted. He is an essential and vital player for us, he said.

Sergio Busquets. / EP

Sergio Busquets will no longer be playing against Portugal at Benito Villamarin. He will have 134 international caps against Portugal with the Spanish team. This breaks the tie that had placed him with his coach Xavi Hernandez in third place on the historic podium of La Roja. This milestone left only Sergio Ramos (Barca footballer) and Iker Casillas (Iker Casillas) behind him. His careers were very long. I've always enjoyed myself. I've been able to share costumes with them and it's an honor to be allowed to do so. Each one should be proud of their own figure. He said that Xavi is a proud opponent.

Luis Enrique's praise was a compliment that La Roja's captain appreciated. I am very grateful for his trust, his words, and for all he does for the group and for me personally. I try to give it back and I hope that this continues for a long time. It is hard to determine the dosage. Barca has always taken care of my injuries and I have taken good care of myself... The coaches then decide. He commented on his return as a national team player after missing March's friendlies.

Busquets was elated at the achievements of Carlo Ancelotti's group four days after Real Madrid won Paris' Decimofourta. He has earned it if he won it. It doesn't matter how the qualifiers went, or if there was luck in a game. But if they win there, it is deserved. He highlighted this at the conclusion of a complicated campaign with Barca. "Healthy envy" of being able fight in all competitions, Madrid or any other. He said, "You have to congratulate them. I focus on mine and my national team, and hopefully those things can be lived."

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