Lim gives up Murthy at Valencia's head

Peter Lim's presidents are almost as long-lasting as his coaches.

Lim gives up Murthy at Valencia's head

Peter Lim's presidents are almost as long-lasting as his coaches. Anil Kumar Murthy was only a month away of his fifth anniversary as the entity's head. This has resulted in the greatest institutional, socioeconomic, and sporting crisis in Valencia. Lim decided to hand the presidency to the people, and also to wash his image. He ignored the fact that the tensions in Mestalla were not just against Murthy, but also against him.

Meriton should not take the replacement of the chair as a sign that Meriton is weak or as a change of position in relation to a possible share sale. Lim continues to hold all power in Singapore, and in the meeting with Murthy, he decided that he would remove the board from Singapore with his own pieces. Sean Bai, the director of the Academy is now the interim general director for Valencia. Khojama Kalimuddin (non-executive director) will assume the chairmanship of the board of director "to oversee the administration" of Valencia during the interim period.

Lim is however looking for a new president to lead Valencia. In a statement released by the club in the early afternoon, Lim stated that he is looking for a new president for Valencia. The time it will take to integrate him was not disclosed. Sean Bai will assume the responsibility for managing the club's most sensitive period, which is when sales, transfers, and situations such as Soler and Gaya are all being negotiated.

"With immediate effect Anil Murthy will no longer be Valencia CF president or employee. This is how Anil Murthy, a Mestalla club member, said goodbye to Valencia CF president and employee. He was in Singapore to meet Peter Lim just a few days following the huge demonstration that Mestalla had emptied after the last league match. Anil, a Valencianism-reprouved president, is now part of the Mestalla club's history. The statement also indicates that a "search process will be initiated to identify a new President for Valencia CF". This leaves the club in the hands of two current board members. It is still pending to find out what happens to Jose Bordalas, and all of the sports planning that should've been started.

The recent events that have impacted the Club's relationship with fans, government officials and Valencian civil society are called the "Board of Directors of Valencia". The Council wants to clarify that the contents of the leaked conversations between Anil and other third parties are not Valencia CF's opinions. Valencia CF does not agree with the opinions.

The Council recognizes the importance of a close partnership between Valencia CF and society, fans, government officials, media, and other actors. To regain the trust of the fans and community, the Council believes that a change in leadership will be necessary in order for Valencia CF to succeed. Anil Murthy, Valencia CF's president and employee, will be removed immediately.

"The Board is happy to announce Sean Bai's appointment as interim CEO. Sean Bai, who has been with the club from 2018, is the Director of Valencia CF Academy. During the interim, Bai will primarily manage the football operations at Valencia CF and report directly to members of the Board.

"The Council will immediately start a search to find a President for Valencia CF. An announcement will follow. To oversee the Club's administration, Khojamakalimuddin (Non-Executive Director of Valencia CF) will take over the Chairmanship of the Board of Directors.

"The Board wants to reiterate that Valencia CF is committed to achieving long-term growth, success, and completing construction of the New Mestalla. We look forward working with fans, authorities, and other stakeholders in achieving these goals.

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