Liberbank customers will not be able to use Bizum from today due to the technological integration with Unicaja

Unicaja and Liberbank will operate as a single bank starting Monday.

Liberbank customers will not be able to use Bizum from today due to the technological integration with Unicaja

Unicaja and Liberbank will operate as a single bank starting Monday


Liberbank customers will not be able to make immediate transfers or use Bizum starting this Thursday due to the technological and operational integration work between Liberbank and Unicaja Banco that will take place over the weekend.

Unicaja Banco customers will not be affected by the technological integration, but those of Liberbank origin will suffer some temporary service interruptions starting today.

From this Thursday at 3:00 p.m., Liberbank users will not be able to use Bizum. The service will be operational again when the integration is completed (predictably from Monday) in Unicaja Banco's digital banking. They will also not be able to make immediate transfers.

Starting at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, the online banking service will no longer be available to Liberbank customers, who will be able to use it again from Monday from the Unicaja Banco website and app.

Liberbank customers will be able to make payments in physical and online stores as normal, as well as have cash at ATMs, although the movements may appear out of date until the integration is complete.

Throughout the weekend, Unicaja Banco will transfer all accounts, direct debits and products of customers from Liberbank to its new digital banking.

Next Monday, May 23, Unicaja and Liberbank will begin to operate as a single entity. From Unicaja's digital banking, to which customers will access with the same username and password they used at Liberbank, users will be able to continue using Bizum, configure their cards to continue paying with their mobile phones and sign their operations as before.

Users who had Liberbank accounts will see that the IBAN/CCC of their products changes, adapting to the entity and branch code of Unicaja Banco. The entity will inform them in advance of the new numbering for each product when it comes into force and will be in charge of modifying the direct debits, so customers will not have to do anything in this regard.

For the time being, the contractual conditions of the products and services that these clients have contracted will not change and the conditions and requirements of the current commission exemption program will remain in force.

As for Liberbank cards, they will continue to work until they expire, so the customer should not change them. Of course, if you had them registered to pay with your Android mobile, you will need to register them again in the Unicaja Banco app when the integration is complete. In the case of using an iOS device, there is no need to re-register the cards.

With regard to ATMs, once the computer integration process has been completed, Liberank customers will have at their disposal the entire commercial network from both origins, where they will be able to carry out all the procedures in person.

Cybercriminals often take advantage of these processes to try to defraud bank customers by sending them fraudulent messages posing as the bank.

Unicaja Banco has recommended that customers be careful with the messages they receive and avoid providing their account, card or mobile number, as well as their username, password or PIN, through calls, SMS or emails.

The bank will never ask customers for confidential information and will always contact customers during the integration process through the emails and