Legislative in Lot-et-Garonne - 3rd Constituency: Who are the candidates?

Our readers: This article is frequently updated.

Legislative in Lot-et-Garonne - 3rd Constituency: Who are the candidates?

Our readers: This article is frequently updated.

There are 12 men in the group, eight of them dissidents from the presidential majority and four women who want to succeed Olivier Damaisin (Together!). Candidate for a second term. Beauville's elected representative, who was unknown to the public, won the day by winning 60.43% against Etienne Bousquet–Cassagne, the candidate of National Front. (39.57%). During the two rounds of presidential elections, the party, National Rally, shined again. Marine Le Pen won each round, beating the outgoing president. Jean-Louis Costes was the outgoing president in 2017, the LR mayor of Fumel, who had not made it to the second round. He is attempting to make amends for the terrible score of Valerie Pecresse's party candidate in the presidential election. With so many candidates, the likelihood of a triangular vote in the second round is lower than elsewhere. This requires three candidates to obtain at least 12.5%.

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Mathias Bouffles (Juliette Sirand), for the Animalist Party.

Pierre Soubiran (Marie-Line Vergnolle), without label

Geoffroy Gary and his alternate Pia Landrin in Reconquest

President's majority: Olivier Damaisin and Farah Hamidani

Jean-Marie Le Monier has replaced Therese De Boissezon as the Occitan Party's representative.

Jean-Jacques Fanchtein and Yolande Bacquey. Unlabeled

Eric Laffargue and Jacques Vialettes for the Radical Left Party, (PRG).

Xavier Czapla and Carole Binois Fiegel, his substitute for Nupes

Alain Merly, Severine Besson Rural Movement

Bernadette Gasc and Patrick Gil for Lutte Ouvriere (LO)

Cyrille Godard replaces Myriam Sider for the Democratic Independent Workers Party (POID).

Jean-Louis Costes and Cathy Leveque (The Republicans, LR.)

After the election of Emmanuel Macron, the wave En Marche had not spared any constituency. The new majority granted three Lot-et-Garonne deputies to the new majority, all left-leaning, formerly socialists, or green tendency. Olivier Damaisin, in the third constituency took the lead (30.13%) and then widened the gap against his frontist rival (19.31%) due to the effects on the Republican front.

The dispersed votes from the representatives of four parties (LFI-PS, EELV, and PCF), which now make up the New Popular Ecological and Social Union, Nupes, accounted for 23.66%. Recall that less than 1 in 2 voters voted in 2017's second round. Participation rate was just 49.23%, which is down 4.59% from the first round.

You can find the final results from 2017 Lot-et-Garonne legislative elections here.

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