Judicial eviction in the Caracol room: goodbye to thirty years of live music

At 10:35 a.

Judicial eviction in the Caracol room: goodbye to thirty years of live music

At 10:35 a.m., five minutes longer than stipulated, in case the already ex-tenant “shows up with the keys”, the judicial delegation gives the order to force the door. The locksmith works hard, manages to quickly open the first two bowlers but the third, an Iseo pompa cylinder, resists him until after 11 o'clock. It is the end of the last stage of the Caracol room, thirty years behind, and a future uncertain according to the battered state observed this morning. Although the launch to return the premises to the property is already a fact, the truth is that the possibility of a future return will take time to arrive.

The room has been emptied by the tenants, who have even taken the iconic sign on the main façade to take it away.

Inside, the remnants of the last concerts still remain. The battle between those who have been the managers of the room and the owners of the ship is frontal. Days ago, the former published a statement in response to the eviction order from the court of first instance number 40 in Madrid. Under the title 'The Caracol Room run over, raped and outraged again', the outgoing party announced that the room had been "forced to temporarily close due to a very serious legal dispute with the property of the ship, which they want to appropriate from the brand and the exploitation of the premises.

In the opinion of those expelled, the owners "have based themselves on a totally controversial decision by the magistrate, which we accept but do not share in any way, which may be formally correct but totally and absolutely unfair." In this sense, his lawyer explained days ago to ABC that the beginning of the conflict with the owners began during the pandemic (“When they were forced to close, the owners of the room asked the owners of the ship for a fifty percent reduction in They refused, and then, arguing that they were not collecting the full amount, they filed an eviction") and was aggravated by an oversight ("The lawyer that the room had at that time answered the lawsuit, but he was he forgot to transfer copies to the plaintiff. It is a simple procedure but it is mandatory, and he forgot. Then the undersecretary said that the error should be corrected, but the judge did not want to grant that possibility, and argued that since there had not been answered the lawsuit, the owners of the room have to be evicted)».

A version diametrically opposed to the one provided this Thursday by the property. "Given the false and inaccurate information that the former tenant of the Sala Caracol has been pouring into different media, the property and the brand are forced" to issue a statement. In it, they indicate «D. Moisés Yanco Alonso León and his company Greenpower Factory S.L have only been rented for 5 years of the 30-year history of the venue”, a time in which “they have worked tirelessly to discredit it, giving neo-Nazi concerts”.

In the note they warn that, “with all the deferred rents” during the pandemic, “they tried to defraud the property with false work budgets in order to obtain money that did not correspond to them, which caused the resolution of the deferment agreement of rents». Similarly, they indicate that "they have been using the concert space for the last two years without paying the rent, producing the economic bankruptcy of the owners, all of which caused the termination of the lease and the consequent launch of the room due to non-payment. of all rents despite receiving subsidies that they refused to use to pay the rent.”

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