Jose Cabrera chooses the alternative in Vic Fezensac to Cebada bulls

Today at six in.

Jose Cabrera chooses the alternative in Vic Fezensac to Cebada bulls

Today at six in. the afternoon Vic Fezensac will be in the middle of Almeria's bullfighting planet. Jose Cabrera will be in his first bullfighter parade at that moment. However, it will only be minutes later that Morenito De Aranda will give him the treatment that will allow him to end a difficult career as a novillero.

His first steps were taken in the shelter of Almeria's Municipal Bullfighting School. On March 28, 2009, he performed his first public performance in Atarfe. He would make his debut without picadors the following year. She has been pursuing what is being presented today at the major fair in France, where he earned it.

You are about to face the most important day of your life.

The most important thing for bullfighters who start in bullfighting schools is the ability to choose the alternative. It is also in a square because of the importance and the potential repercussions that victory can have.

You will be in a familiar place, where the fans rule.

-Last year, I participated in the bullfight at Rasos de Portugalillos. This year's alternative was also closed there. It is true that your efforts are acknowledged. You say that fans ask, decide, and the commission organizes. They agreed with me, and they always said yes.

It is possible to imagine that many thoughts are floating over your head.

Yes, there are many tasks and you may miss many things. But my family and friends tell me that it's a day to be enjoyed, that I believe in positive thinking, and that I give my best to make it a big win.

-Think of yourself as the most important thing, and not what's around you.

-I bullfight in the hall a lot, and a lot physically. But the core of this season is mental work because it is fundamental because of the bullfights that I kill and the bullfights with which I am matched up. This is in addition to its seriousness and its supporters.

-How were your last few days?

-I have been in the field non-stop, from Almeria, Medina to Toledo, a shoot to do a preparation I believe has been good.

How many bulls have your fought?

-This week, I fought six cows and four bulls. I had previously fought cows and bulls.

Surely, you've had the support and encouragement of bullfighters.

Yes, I am close to maestro Pepin Jimenez. He called me when the poster was given, advised me, and also my godfather Morenito de Arana. I speak with him and he is supportive of me.

Being a bullfighter is an enormous responsibility. This is especially true in a place where Paco Torres Jerez was the last option in 2005.

It is a responsibility. However, it is also a joy and a blessing that Almeria has once again a bullfighter. True, it is not an option. I want it to be the beginning of a wonderful career so Almeria can sound stronger.

Almeria's bull world is far away and it is harder to make a living than for someone from another country.

-Totally. The closest ranch is in Jaen, which is very far from the ranches. Yes, it is true that I was a novillero and spent February and March in Medina Sidonia, Seville, or both, to prepare for my trip. Toledo, however, is where I am currently looking for work. To be able prepare ourselves, we don't have ranches in this area.

This requires a cost.

You will need to move for at least two months, and then you can rent a house. The family supports you, and you can go live, eat and fuel. I was in Casur to work to get to the field and to be able prepare myself.

- Can you imagine the afternoon already?

-It's true that there are many thoughts that go through your head, but I will enjoy myself and give everything so that my fans can talk about me.

What future are you looking for now?

-I will be attending a Tlaxcala festival on June 25th, thanks to Jose Luis Angelino, a Mexican teacher who allowed me to cross the pond and perform in Mexico before I arrived at the festival as a bullfighter.

What is your hope for this season?

Everything will depend on Sunday. Naturally, I'd like to attend the most important fairs and to visit the main lands in my country.

France is known for its tough bulls, and Cebaga Gago is well-suited to this pattern.

I'm aware of the situation, and it is hard to call, but there are bulls that come out with two good bulls. I've seen the bullfight, and it is quite serious for Vic Fezensac square which responds to public demand. Although the bulls can charge, I find it exciting.

-Saying Barley can be likened to saying Victorino, Miura.

Yes, I have fought them before. When they said that Victorino had killed one of Miura in Vilaseca and another of Victorino, I was shocked. But one is responsible for the outcome and studies the type of attack that will be used to make the most of the square.

This decision is for the entire family.

-My family is very supportive of me. It is my future, as it will support me for a long and important career.

-Who do you remember?

Camacho is a man I remember fondly. He was always there for me and supported me. But my main support is the pain I've had up to this point, my perseverance, and my family who have always been there.

Today is why you have been fighting bullfights since your first fight with the School.

-Of course. My dream was to be able to choose the other in an important square. This would have had repercussions. It is true that Almeria was your land. I would have loved to taken it in Almeria. However, the circumstances and the time had to be right in Vic in June. This is a difficult process and it has more merit being from Almeria.

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