Javier Tebas: "It can't be that PSG can take away from Real Madrid a player of Mbappé's level"

MADRID, 20 May.

Javier Tebas: "It can't be that PSG can take away from Real Madrid a player of Mbappé's level"


The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, believes that Kylian Mbappé will end up signing for Real Madrid because if he had wanted to renew with Paris Saint-Germain "he would have done so a long time ago", and made it clear that "it cannot be" that the situation The current economic situation of the French team allows it to take away "a player of that level" from a club like Real Madrid, which is totally healthy and buoyant.

"I think he will sign for Real Madrid, one day he is white and another black, but I think so," Tebas told the media after participating in one of the tables at the ISDE Sports Convention 2022, organized by ISDE, LaLiga and the City Council from Madrid.

For the leader, "it is not bad news" for his body if the Parisian striker does not finally arrive. "It's not good news, but it's not bad," he admitted, recalling that with the striker "there are always so many turns (of situations)", so everything that is happening does not seem "unexpected" to him. "The feeling I have is that if I renewed with PSG I would have done it a long time ago, but I could be wrong," he said.

The president has "no idea" of the figures that are handled, but he used irony to say that "with PSG involved" anyone seemed "little". In this sense, he once again criticized the economic complacency with the French team. "According to 'L'Equipe', he is going to end up with 650 million salary bills and 300 million losses, and he is still going to make a millionaire offer to Mbappé," he stressed in surprise.

"I hope that if we are going to get our act together against the club-states and that UEFA has already carried out an important reform in this aspect, this cannot be the case. That a team like Real Madrid, which is the best managed financially in the pandemic, that has not lost money, that has important reserves of what it has been earning in the last twelve years and that I hope will be European champion, it cannot be that a team can take away a player of that level, "he said.

In any case, he does not believe that PSG and Nasser Al-Khelaïfi can have the approval of UEFA for not having supported the Super League and because the Qatari is the president of the European Club Association (ECA).

"The only thing I know is that with UEFA's new financial 'fair-play' it doesn't benefit PSG at all and that the reform of the Champions League doesn't benefit them because it's not what Al-Khelaïfi wanted. I don't think it has I command so much in UEFA", he considered.

For this reason, he sees "impossible" that PSG can continue to obtain advantages "from the year 2024" and that figures such as those of 2020-2021 are given in which the Parisian team declared "290 million euros of commercial income" and the Real Madrid "260". "It is impossible that it has more commercial income than Real Madrid, United or FC Barcelona," he said.

On the other hand, he was clear about the options for Robert Lewandowski to sign for FC Barcelona. "As of today, no," he stated, recalling that he still hasn't seen aspects that could help alleviate his economic situation, such as the sale of 'Barça Studios', which was approved in the club's budget.

"The numbers are very easy and we have explained them. They have more than 500 million losses from previous years and they must recover to be able to sign. With Lewandowski one year left at Bayern, he will want to get paid, and Bayern will want to take something, not I see it today," he explained.

Tebas believes that the sale of Frenkie de Jong "could be enough depending on how much they sell him for and what Lewandowski wants to charge." "You have to see what remains of amortization and the rule of 1 to 3. The market is doing better, but selling a player is not that easy," he warned.