Inspiration: Present for the sister: 13 tips and ideas for the one who shares the same fate

The best gifts are siblings.

Inspiration: Present for the sister: 13 tips and ideas for the one who shares the same fate

The best gifts are siblings. Second best are memories that we share with them, because that's where true happiness lies. And the third best are little tokens to remind sisters and brothers how much we love them. It's not that easy to find, especially when you know what the sister's heart to be gifted is. But there are a few rules that her brothers in particular should observe:

Now we come to the most important part: The gifts that always go. And without a doubt, jogging pants are part of it. Yes, in certain groups they are frowned upon. Yes, they don't always look particularly good either. And yes, Karl Lagerfeld once said that if you wear jogging pants, you have lost control of your life. A little loss of control makes life interesting. Especially if you wear comfortable trousers. And that's jogging pants anyway.

In winter, good siblings pack a pair of Norwegian socks on top. All that's missing is a matching jumper and adilettes and Sunday's on the couch is saved for the sister.

Soap as a gift sounds unnecessary at first, especially when it costs 70 euros. But the best gifts are the kind of unnecessary ones that you don't buy yourself because they're too expensive. And that's exactly what Byredo hand soap is. Anyone who has washed their paws with it will quickly miss the incomparable scent that it leaves on their hands. Pure luxury and therefore an ideal gift for the sister.

We stick to cosmetics, but this time for the face. Hardly any other day cream is as popular as the all-time classic from the luxury brand Kiehls. Unfortunately, the manufacturer allows its products to be paid royally, which is why the day cream is an excellent gift. Of course, the same applies to cosmetics as to perfume. If the sister loves to use a certain cream, this remains the product of choice.

Whether man or woman, a Tangle Teezer belongs in every household. No other brush detangles hair as effortlessly as Shaun Pulfrey's invention. If the sister is still annoyed about hair knots, the Tangle Teezer is a welcome and practical gift.

Speaking of hair. Its care is usually a delicate matter and therefore always a good reason for a gift. Olaplex products are very popular. According to the manufacturer, the active ingredient in Olaplex closes dissolved sulfur bridges in the hair and thus repairs the hair structure. Well, if that's nothing.

Well, and if the sister still complains every day about the mop that scolds her hairstyle, then nothing helps - except for a scented candle. In her lies the strength that at least it smells good when siblings have to listen to the whining. Just grab one of Byredo. If you wash your sister's hands with the soap, you'll leave the family celebration unnerved, but at least smelling good. Classic win-win situation.

Givers with an aroma diffuser are a little more flexible. Especially in the cold season, it brings a pleasantly pleasant scent into the apartment. Because aroma diffusers work with essential oils, the sister also has more choice of scents than with a scented candle. In addition, candles always harbor the risk of soot.

Speaking of the cold season. Feel-good gadgets such as hot-water bottles are always a welcome present for sisters. Alternatively, you can use the cherry pit pillow. You can easily heat them up in the microwave.

Does your sister like to escape over your gifts? Then give her a book of curses to relax. There she can calmly color in her favorite swear words and find inner peace.

If the sister prefers to take pictures herself, a Polaroid camera is the gift of choice. In addition, you can use her to capture shared memories forever. And that's what most people want to share with their siblings.

And while we're on the subject of memories: If your sister is a fan of a band, likes going to the opera, festivals or the theater, then tickets are of course always suitable for that. If you are a fan of said band yourself or share a passion for culture, you will also benefit from the gift yourself, because tickets should always be given in a pack of two. If not, ask your sister's best friend what activity she enjoys. She usually knows what's going on and giving away time with friends is always a good idea.

An illustrated book by David LaChapelle concludes the book. The American photographer impresses above all with his provocative portraits of celebrities. The glossy picture books look good in every apartment and are a real treat for photo fans.

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