Inspiration: Gifts for grandma: ideas for every occasion

Gift ideas are a dime a dozen.

Inspiration: Gifts for grandma: ideas for every occasion

Gift ideas are a dime a dozen. But how do you actually choose the right gift? It all depends on who you're giving the gift to. The gift should suit the recipient and come from the heart. If you listen carefully, you will probably come up with an idea for a long-awaited gift more quickly, but if you are still looking for beautiful gifts for the older generation, you could find what you are looking for here. The following gift ideas are suitable for your own grandma.

With these gift ideas you can reminisce together.

Make your own photo album

In the course of a human life there are many special events, whether the birth of one's own children, grandchildren or an anniversary. There are numerous experiences that are memorable and can be kept alive with photos and videos. The classic is the photo album with a small photographic journey through time of the last few years. A self-designed photo album is best suited for leafing through together.

Creative photo box

A surprise box consists of several layers that can be gradually unfolded. So there is always something new to discover for the recipient. The creative boxes are ideal for designing individual presents and reminiscing together when unpacking.

reminders on the calendar

Grandmas are particularly happy about new pictures of their loved ones. Photos can be presented not only in the classic album or in the creative surprise box, but also in a self-made calendar. So your grandma has new motifs to look at every month. In addition, the calendars are also visually eye-catching to hang up.

There is a whole range of gifts that can be personalised, including mugs, bags or pillowcases. You may not have seen the following ideas.

Glasses case

It's not necessarily a question of age, but grandparents often wear glasses. In order to avoid damage to the glasses and not to lose them, practical glasses cases are suitable. It's all the nicer when your grandmother receives a personalized case from you as a gift.

Handmade soap

Even more original is this handmade soap with the imprint "Favorite Grandma". The soap should smell of roses.

breakfast board

It's one of the more classic gifts, but a nice idea nonetheless. The breakfast board with the imprint "For the best grandma ever" should bring joy to your daily breakfast in the morning.

There is a wide range of birthday gifts to choose from, here you will find a variety of ideas.


Tea lovers probably already know their way around and have already found their favorite tea. Not so easy to surprise tea connoisseurs. But these tea flowers make for a nice eye-catcher. It is best to give your grandma a matching glass teapot with the tea flowers. So she can watch the tea blossom.

1.000 for You Puzzle

Puzzles require patience, skill and concentration. If your grandma loves a challenge and appreciates a productive pastime, she might enjoy this 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. The motif shows the famous work of art "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt.

Exciting pastime

A good book is a classic on the birthday table and rightly so, because books are timeless and always a nice pastime. A suitable gift for your grandmother could be a new crime thriller, for example. Exciting entertainment is not only available in book form, so another gift idea would be the successful German series "Babylon Berlin" in a DVD collector's box.

Christmas is usually the event of the year for many families to get together in large groups and enjoy time together. This year, however, the circumstances are different and so the gift ideas have to be rethought. Here you will find a suitable selection.

Greetings from afar

In 2020, Christmas will look different than usual for many families. Relatives have to do without the closeness and visits to their loved ones. This applies in particular to older generations. A beautiful card greeting at Christmas or during the Advent season shows that you are thinking of your loved ones. For greeting from afar, it can be something special, like this 3D Christmas card.

24 small messages

Loving words don't have to be limited to a Christmas card. In everyday life, we rarely tell loved ones how we feel about them, what qualities we particularly appreciate, or what skills we admire. Time to change that and give your grandma 24 little messages for Christmas. Think about the things you might otherwise not say because they are neglected in everyday life and write them down. You can deliver personal messages in a Christmassy box. This jar made of high-quality porcelain is ideal for storage and can also be used as a decorative element.

Stimulating conversations

Anyone who can be together at Christmas could try this exciting "family quiz". Or do you ask questions like "Is there a famous person in your family" or "What did you learn from grandma and grandpa" in everyday life? In total, the quiz offers 110 entertaining and personal questions that stimulate families to find new topics of conversation.

Be together digitally

Luckily, there are numerous options for getting together digitally these days. Of course, this doesn't replace a warm hug or a nice conversation at the Christmas table, but it can help against loneliness in these times. Tablets are particularly easy to use because touch technology replaces classic keyboards and makes them easier to use. When buying, make sure that the screen is big enough. You can also find more buying tips for senior citizens' tablets in this stern article.

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wellness gifts

At Christmas the weather is usually cold and wet, whether snow or rain, winter invites you to spend a cozy time in your own four walls. Anything that makes this time even more pleasant is a suitable gift for your grandma. This could be, for example, bath oils or a massage cushion for the home. Devices that also have a heat function are pleasant because heat also relaxes the muscles.

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