Inspiration: DIY Advent wreath ideas: modern, minimalist or classic

In addition to a decorated Christmas tree, it is the heart of an attractive Christmas decoration: the Advent wreath.

Inspiration: DIY Advent wreath ideas: modern, minimalist or classic

In addition to a decorated Christmas tree, it is the heart of an attractive Christmas decoration: the Advent wreath. But it is often not that easy to find an attractive model that fully meets your own expectations. The best approach: make your own Advent wreath. Whether modern, minimalist or classic: we have ideas for every taste.

For a classic Advent wreath you need the following things as a basis:

First you take Styrofoam or wire, tie a bunch of smaller branches together and attach the ends side by side to the wreath with the craft wire. Next to this, you tie the next bundle to the Advent wreath so that the end that was first attached with wire is hidden. The whole thing is done until the entire ring is covered and no wire can be seen. At the end you can cut off any overhanging branches. And the basis for an Advent wreath is laid.

If fir green is too boring for you, you can also integrate other plants: eucalyptus, pampas grass, succulents or whatever you like. Then it's time for individual decoration. One element is particularly important for this: candles. To fix them, there are special candle holders that can be stuck into the branches and provide stability. Alternatively, you can also place the candles in the middle of the wreath and place a mat or tray etc. underneath. LED candles are of course also possible. What else is added is a matter of taste: Christmas balls, bows, snowflakes, other light sources - here you can let off steam really creatively.

Incidentally, some shops already offer handicraft sets that either form the basis for a beautiful Advent wreath and which can be expanded as required, or that already offer suggestions for Christmas decorations.

The classic version is also great for hanging up, for example on the front door. The best way to do this is to stick the decoration with the hot glue gun so that it doesn't fall off and attach a ribbon to the wreath. Of course, you should avoid candles. If you don't dare to make a stable Advent wreath to hang yourself, you can of course also use prefabricated wreaths - they will definitely last and can also be individually decorated if necessary.

But it doesn't always have to be the classic model. An Advent wreath is also great without (a lot of) fir greenery - and can still look festive. For example with different light sources and golden details.

If you like it minimalistic, you can also use chic bottles that serve as the basis for modern Advent wreath ideas. They can have transparent or colored glass, that's a matter of taste. You can wrap them with fairy lights, embellish the bottles with stickers or paint them, for example. There are also fairy lights made especially for bottles that look particularly chic.

Alternatively, you can also use mugs or other containers that you can fill with candles or tea lights. You can decorate them with fir green - or alternatively choose eucalyptus, pampas grass, etc. and decorate the whole thing festively with fairy lights and the like.

Minimalist metal candlesticks with thin candles are particularly popular at the moment because they look festive, but at the same time modern and elegant and leave enough space for a chic Advent design. You can spice them up with numbers and decorate them with fairy lights, balls or other things. The candle holders can also come in the form of numbers, for example - there are no limits to creativity. You don't need more for a modern and minimalist "Advent wreath".

You can already tell that many Advent wreath ideas deviate from the classic shape. Creative "wreaths" are also popular, consisting of decorative highlights, thick candles and a few eucalyptus or fir branches. Or ones that are simply arranged on a large, festive plate - individually and according to your own taste.

Two more tips at the end: The best way to implement your Advent wreath ideas is to use thick or particularly tall candles that will last the entire Advent season - or you have enough spares in the cupboard to be able to quickly replace candles that have already burned down. And at best, the Advent wreath also fits stylistically with the rest of the Christmas decorations. This has a particularly harmonious effect - and ensures really stylish holidays at home!

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