In "Aktenzeichen XY": Disco murder from Chiemsee: Police are looking for party guests - and give insights into "complex" investigations

The hope of a quick search success has not been fulfilled.

In "Aktenzeichen XY": Disco murder from Chiemsee: Police are looking for party guests - and give insights into "complex" investigations

The hope of a quick search success has not been fulfilled. Even more than a month after the murder of 23-year-old Hanna W. from Aschau im Chiemgau, the perpetrator is still not caught.

Now the Soko "Club" of the Kripo Rosenheim is making another attempt to advance and is presenting the case to an audience of millions. In the ZDF program "Aktenzeichen XY … unsolved" Soko director Hans-Peter Butz wants to address the viewers on Wednesday evening. Nevertheless, the investigators always have many questions.

Among other things, the wristwatch found during a search in mid-October still puzzles them. It is an eye-catching model whose case and bracelet are mostly made of wood. The "Holzkern" watch with a round dial (diameter 4.4 centimeters) could be a key to solving the case. The Soko therefore asks:

The watch was found in a creek about 250 meters from the "Eiskeller" discotheque in Aschau. Hanna W. had attended the hip-hop club before she was murdered.

As reported, the student was there on the night of October 2nd to 3rd at a party, which she left around 2:30 a.m. Twelve hours later, a passer-by found the woman's body around ten kilometers north in the Prien River. After the forensic examination, the police assumed it was a homicide and have been searching for the perpetrator since then without success. The authorities have not yet announced whether there is any evidence of a sex crime.

Around 50 investigators from the special commission are still working on the case. Because it is not yet known what happened between leaving the disco and finding the body of Hanna W., who killed the young woman.

In order to reconstruct what happened, the Soko relies on the help of the guests at the hip-hop party. Up to 800 celebrated there on the night of German Unity Day, and the officials were only able to question around 200 of them – but not many of them. The police are therefore asking all other visitors to the "Season Opening" party to contact them using an online form. "Sometimes there are details that seem completely inconspicuous at first," said Stefan Sonntag, spokesman for the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria South, recently to the "Oberbayerisches Volksblatt" (OVB) about the renewed call.

Soko is now paying particular attention to the area of ​​data analysis. After previous calls, the investigators received several hundred gigabytes of photo and film files, which have to be meticulously evaluated. The police also do not rule out that Hanna W.'s murderer was among the guests from the "Eiskeller". The operative case analysis of the Munich Police Headquarters, popularly known as "Profiler", is also involved in the investigations. A total of around 350 tips have already been received by Soko "Club".

A high-profile appeal on the ZDF program "Aktenzeichen XY ... unsolved" is often the last straw for investigators to find a clue to solving a case.

In the case of the Aschau disco murder, police spokesman Sunday says that not all investigative approaches have been exhausted. The number of potential witnesses alone and the amount of data seized show that there is still enough to be done. "We're right in the middle." The investigations are "very complex, very evaluation-intensive". "It's about an extensive reconstruction of the movements in this restaurant," Sunday told the OVB. "We want to know what happened at the music club that night, especially what happened after Hanna left the club." The aim is to register the relationships between people in the area as far as possible. This alone is a "mammoth task".

In addition to new clues, the officers also hope to find the cell phone of the dead. Despite extensive searches around the discotheque and around where the body was found, as well as in the Prien River, it is still missing.

The murder of the young woman is apparently still like a shadow over the Chiemgau. Aschau's Mayor Simon Frank said: "There is great hope that the matter will be fully clarified".

The star reported extensively on the death of the young woman and the investigation. Read more about the case here:

"Aktenzeichen XY ... unsolved" runs on Wednesday evening (9 November) at 8:15 p.m. on ZDF. Information about the case will be taken during and after the broadcast by calling (089) 950195. However, witnesses can also contact any other police station or directly at (08031) 2000 the police headquarters Oberbayern Süd in Rosenheim.

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