How to choose the right charcoal BBQ

The arrival of spring and mild weather heralds the return of the BBQ.

How to choose the right charcoal BBQ

The arrival of spring and mild weather heralds the return of the BBQ. For many, this means indulging in a new charcoal BBQ. This type of BBQ has come back into fashion in recent years. If you're considering making the switch to coal, here are a few things that might make your decision on which model to choose easier.

First, you have to identify your needs. The number of people you are cooking for will impact the size of the grill. The fact of mainly grilling or using the appliance as a smoker will have a direct influence on the choice of BBQ. You must also assess the space reserved for your BBQ area and take into account the smoke that will be released.

Then, you have to establish how long you want to spend on your BBQ and your level of experience in this type of cooking. When it comes to charcoal cooking, grill prep time and heat control require constant monitoring. A kamado type BBQ, for example, will have greater stability and better heat retention, but requires a little more knowledge to use it properly.

Know your budget

Finally, you have to determine your budget. There is a huge range of products on the market, but be careful not to be tempted by a poor quality product at a low price. Often, these products are difficult to use due to their poor quality components, which will make the charcoal cooking experience unconvincing. A good quality BBQ will give you better performance in terms of heat distribution and will be much easier to use.

My suggestion for a basic set would definitely be a kettle type BBQ. The Weber Mastertouch offers by far the best value for money, as well as one of the best warranties on the market. It allows you to switch from a grill to a smoker with ease. It offers a wide range of accessories, which will meet many future needs. Do not forget to bring a chimney for lighting the coal, as well as a good pair of BBQ gloves.

By taking care to choose the right BBQ, we make sure to take advantage of the good weather to come and to be able to cook good dishes.

Bon BBQ !