"Hot or Scrap - The All-Tester": Heated soleplates and a floating Christmas train: All test products of the current season at a glance

The show has been flickering across German screens since January 2016 – now even during prime time on Vox: Tuesdays at 8:15 p.

"Hot or Scrap - The All-Tester": Heated soleplates and a floating Christmas train: All test products of the current season at a glance

The show has been flickering across German screens since January 2016 – now even during prime time on Vox: Tuesdays at 8:15 p.m., Steffi and Roland Bartsch, Ingrid and Otto Kneidinger, Kathrin and Andreas Sartorius, the Hopf family, Nicole and Detlef Steves, Matthias Mangiapane and Hubert Fella, a student flat share in Cologne and some other courageous celebrities strange products from all over the world. In addition to the price-performance ratio, the focus of the series is also the practical use of the new products. And it is precisely this that regularly drives one or the other tester to despair.

Ho Ho Ho, Santa Claus has something special in his luggage: the all-purpose testers are sent out into the snow. Tobogganing, cooking and handicrafts are done in an unusual way. Oliver Pocher tries to sing with a karaoke Santa Claus... Kiez legend Olivia Jones celebrates her raclette premiere and Gildo Horn creates special bows for Christmas presents.

Hot or Schrott is stripping, shooting and swearing. Detlef is full of anticipation for the wild ride on an innovative electric scooter that comes to an unexpected end. While Otto tests a collapsible bathtub on the terrace, Ingrid remembers funny penis stories. And in Hammelburg, Hubert and Matthias dream of muscular male bodies. In the end, as always, there is the all-important question: hot or junk?

The celebrities are testing today! There's banging, flirting and sharp shooting. Laura and Jörg Wontorra almost fly out of the curve with an extraordinary driving device, while the presenters Janine Kunze and Sonya Kraus test new types of moist toilet paper. The reigning Miss Germany proves her dexterity with an unusual kitchen helper and Pierre Littbarski seems to have found his master on the soccer field.

While Jorge González tries to catch flies in a special way, Laura and Jörg Wontorra test a futuristic telephone. Janine Kunze and Sonya Kraus fall in love with an extraordinary robot and Joachim Llambi and Olivia Jones let themselves be really shaken up by an unusual piece of sports equipment.

Today the celebrities are testing. The Lets Dance stars Renata and Valentin Lusin get on a twin unicycle. Janine Kunze and Sonya Kraus try to clean their encrusted pots with a very special cloth. Also present: Jorge Gonzélez, Pierre Littbarski, Joachim Llambi, Lola Weippert and Olivia Jones.

Sing4Fun karaoke microphone At the start of the test marathon, the pink-glassed and extremely good-humored Steffi and her husband Roland competed in a spontaneous karaoke competition with the "Sing4Fun" Bluetooth microphone against the retired opera singers Ingrid and Otto and the boys from the Cologne student flat on. Steffi, who initially suspects a flashlight in the package, is over the moon when she holds the golden microphone in her hands. Her interpretations of Nena's "99 Luftballons" and the Hans Albers classic "Flieger, greet me the sun" have great entertainment value. But nothing more. The couple's dogs would almost certainly be covering their ears if they could. While the students on the Rhine are lounging in one of their beds and languishing in the Bees Gees ballad "How deep is your love" with a lighter and a cable drum on their long arm, Otto gives a small sample of his acceptable singing skills. The 83-year-old intones a song of praise for Vienna. There are no two opinions about the winner of this contest. On the other hand, with the karaoke microphone for the handbag, yes. Ingrid is - not surprisingly - very outraged and can't do anything with the fun tool. Her verdict: crap. Probably also because you need a smartphone to get any sound out of the speaker-microphone combination. Steffi almost freaks out, gives two thumbs up and gives the Bluetooth tool, which costs almost 50 euros, a double hot with an asterisk.

Sour kidneys We continue with a snack for the little ones. This time Detlef serves his sister's favorite dish. He himself cannot and does not want to remember the taste or the smell of this special feast. The "Sour Kidneys with Mashed Potatoes" are somewhat surprisingly well received by the kids, while "Deffi" finds it difficult to hide his disgust. "It tastes great," says 12-year-old Luana - at least until she confesses to Detlef what exactly is on the plate. After that she still thinks it's delicious - but she refuses another fork of pork kidney. Conclusion: Detlef's culinary childhood trauma doesn't stand a chance against fish fingers, Nutella with jam and spaghetti with tomato sauce. Almost unanimous verdict: thumbs down or in short: scrap.

Uuni 3 pizza oven Matthias and Hubert, the Steves couple and the Hopf family have a hard time lugging around on their test debut in this show. In keeping with the upcoming gardening season, they can put a transportable pizza oven through its paces. And optically, the Uuni 3 gets ten out of ten points. "It looks like a spaceship," says Mickey Hopf. And Hubert is also blown away. The thought of a Hawaiian pizza with lots of garlic for breakfast makes his mouth water. Meanwhile, Matthias teases once more about his partner's Franconian dialect and explains to the viewer what he means by a "pinky" pizza. But the testers are still a long way from that at this point in time. Because the Hopf family and the Steves' still have to set up the outdoor oven. While Detlef admires the stone slab, Papa Hopf frowns when he reads the product promise. The Uuni 3 should conjure up a crispy pizza in just 60 seconds. "I don't think you can get a ready-baked oven pizza in that time," says Remo. Matthias and Hubert routinely solve the assembly picture puzzle. "It's safe for idiots," judges craftswoman Matthias. The men also do handicrafts at the Hopfs. After a few teething problems and a short scuffle with the women, the oven is ready for use quite quickly. Only Detlef and Nicole's stovepipe is stuck. "We have too many parts here," explains Nicole at a loss. Later it gets loud and Detlef is about to throw the chunks down.

Shortly before the testers suffer a hunger pang, things get exciting. Wood pellets (not included) heat up the stone slab within ten minutes. Then two home-made and one deep-frozen pizza go on the hot stone. "Perfecto", Detlef cheers 60 seconds later. "It looks like it was painted," agrees his wife. Papa Remo is right about the Hopfs. The salami pizza from the freezer is simply not edible after a minute. And Matthias, as usual, refuses even a small piece of Hubert's Pizza Hawaii with lots of garlic. Ultimately, only Detlef Steves and his wife Nicole find the Uuni 3 really "hot".

Balloon Bot BattleRight in the face is the next test. The test kids Luis (5), Mika (9), Martha and Amira (both 8), Mara (6), Marie (9), Dana (9) and Rey (8), Charlotte and Frederick (both 6 ) at first glance. In the "Balloon Bot Battle" game, two "robots" with heads made of blue and red balloons face each other. Aim of the game - how could it be otherwise: the opponent's balloon must be burst. And so the fierce balloon bots beat each other up with their plastic fists without any further rules. The kids have fun - but the game from Great Britain cannot completely convince the young testers.

C-Me Selfie CameraLet's continue with a heart's desire from Hubert. This time, the testers in Hammelburg, Moers and Jülich unwrap a compact package that turns out to be a drone. "I always said to Mr. Vox that I would like to test a drone one day," explains Hubert with shining eyes after unpacking the C-Me selfie camera. "Kokolores", on the other hand, smells social worker Kathrin. "You have to download something first to make it work." And she should be right. Her husband Andreas is also skeptical at first about the mini drone with automatic face recognition and tracking mode. "I don't give a shit whether the selfie is a little higher or a little lower," meanwhile Detlef is upset about the meaning and purpose of the flying camera and, due to a lack of competence, refers to "some influencer Beppo". Then it gets serious for a moment. Detlef and Nicole have legitimate concerns about data and privacy protection and report on a spy cam over their property. Andreas and Kathrin don't want to be filmed by the selfie camera either while showering or having sex. "No one wants to see that either," they say in unison.

The "C-Me" is controlled by smartphone. According to the manufacturer with just one finger. The appropriate app must first be downloaded and installed. During the "calibration" of the drone and smartphone, Detlef still gets his obligatory tie. "There's nothing wrong with that turd. I'll kick it across the meadow." But as expected, the drone does not take off from insults alone. Matthias and Hubert show much more patience and actually make the flying object hover. However, they only get along with the "Find me" and "Follow me" modes to a limited extent. On the maiden flight, Andreas feels reminded of a "telegame from the 80s". Escape pilot Detlef finally gets the "C-Me" into the air. But the flying selfie camera doesn't really wow the grouch from the Lower Rhine. In Jülich, Kathrin and Andreas have doubts about the technology and a little bit about their sanity. The testers agree: Convincing is different. Her verdict: crap.

AGT engraving penThe next test candidate requires only a touch of technical understanding and a large portion of creativity. A battery-operated engraving pen flutters into the home of Ingrid and Otto, Steffi and Roland and the Hopf family. With its diamond tip, the pen should work on almost any surface and is therefore perfect for adding a personal touch to gifts of all kinds. Before Steffi and Roland engrave the bowls of their French bulldogs, Steffi spontaneously bursts into tears. By far the most emotional moment of this episode. And then: goggles on! pen on! Remo Hopf painstakingly puts a loving inscription on a picture from beardless days. Under the strict eyes of his Ingrid, Otto carves a wobbly "O" into her coffee pot. In Wuppertal, Roland also “decorated” a cocktail glass after the dog bowls. A filigree piece of cake for the ex-co-owner of a beauty salon. The pen seems to do what it's supposed to do. The device from AGT can of course do nothing for the talent (and the date memory) of the artists. Remo Hopf is semi-enthusiastic. But he's alone with that. "When it comes to personalized gifts, this product fits in perfectly," says Junior Hopf and, like all the other testers, gives the engraving pen the verdict: Hot.

DiscmanEven many (young) adults can hardly remember what Vox presents its mini-testers next. The Discman (here a model from Lenco) came onto the market in the 1980s as the successor to the Walkman. Paul (5), Cansin and Konstantin (both 8), Emilia (7) and Max (8) are initially at a loss as to what to do with the small box and the headphones and later discover to their amazement that the music player from back then isn't almost fits in your pocket. Nevertheless, the little ones unanimously find the long-forgotten predecessor of MP3 players and smartphones "Hot".

Gold Lip With a beauty product that is literally golden, Vox then surprises its adult testers. And they first practice deciphering and translating the English advertising messages on the packaging. "You'll get big lips from that," remarks Steffi and Roland steps back a bit to be on the safe side. In truth, it's about "Gold Lip," a gooey mask that promises testers younger, fuller lips in just 20 minutes. Otto is "innately skeptical". Steffi doesn't expect too much from the self-proclaimed lip booster either. In complete contrast to Matthias Mangiapane, who expects a lot from the product and includes the instructions directly: "Just open and spice it up." Said and done. For the (actually superfluous) before and after comparison, the testers use a folding rule. A few smacks later it says "kissing is forbidden" - and even Matthias manages to keep his mouth shut for 20 minutes. At least Ingrid finds the Gold Lip pleasant. "Ass cold" Roland mumbles through the shiny rubber lip and Hubert thinks he feels a "tingling". After a look in the mirror and with his heart on his sleeve, Roland finally collapsed: In his eyes, the "Gold Lip" is a "nonsense product". Others call it a "waste of time" or a "rip-off". In short: none of the all-purpose testers suffered a thick lip, including measurement inaccuracies and after an extensive smooch test. Scrap metal.

At least as old as the above-mentioned Discman and rightly forgotten, Mister Pups is a "game" that the mini-testers are going to take on next. The whoopee cushion or as it is called in the 2020s: "Mister Pups" and is camouflaged with a deck of cards from the USA. Before we start, Mia (6), Johanna (7), Emilio and Medin (both 10), Dana (9) and Rey (8), Edi (5) and Flora (9), Gregor (11) and Clemens ( 7) first about the things that would have been better left under the covers of their children's rooms. "Too much information," agrees Dana. The gameplay is remotely reminiscent of the card game classic Uno. If you miscount or are not careful, Mister Pups punishes you with a presumably odorless fart and loses the game. Stinks to high heaven? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. Clear vote: hot.

Twerk Pong The current episode of "Hot oder Schrott - die Allestester" ends with a spectacular end. Because at the grand finale, the grown-ups can also indulge in their play instinct. "Twerk Pong!" is the name of the action-fun game that is unpacked by the hard-drinking Cologne students, Detlef and Nicole, and on the veranda by Steffi and Roland. The latter have no idea what "twerking" could be. Detlef can help: "Dance and shake your ass at the same time. It's supposed to be incredibly sexy," the 50-year-old talks shop. To make it short: The idea of ​​the game is to strap a cardboard box filled with five ping-pong balls around your waist and wiggle your butt until the box is empty. A through ball for Detlef, who, according to his own statements, not only has music in his blood. At first, however, the amateur cook despairs of even putting the cardboard box, aka tampon box, together. The Steves' twerk contest ends with a big surprise. In the duel with Arne, Hauke ​​has his behind in front of the students and Roland even turns on his head to empty his box. None of this has much to do with the lascivious character of twerk. Conclusion: Roland and Detlef have to drink the party game for adults to conquer their wives. The athletic students find it so-so.

AeYo No sooner had the first package been delivered than the round of questions began: "What's that, ey?" 23-year-old Mickey Hopf wants to know. And Detlev also seems at a loss at first, but then has a flash of inspiration and tells his wife: "That's something to drive", he's as happy as a big boy. Because just a few minutes after assembling it, the everything tester begins to seethe - until it bursts out: "That just doesn't fit, Nicole," he snaps at his wife. "Either someone tells me how to do it, or I go in. Very simple," he threatens. In the shared student flat, on the other hand, the structure seems a little awkward, but the scooter was able to be assembled with concentrated (man) power and a bit of brains.

But no sooner has the vehicle stopped than the subjects still don't know what to do with it. It has been suggested that the AeYo is a cross between a unicycle and roller skates (Nicole) or a futuristic vehicle that you can inline skate on (Timo). And the Hopf family is also groping in the dark and suspects that the scooter is used for inline skating with training wheels. According to the manufacturer, it is actually a means of transport that is said to be safer than inline skates and healthier than cycling. It's just a pity that almost nobody (except for Arne) manages to test the product properly. Detlev, on the other hand, is so annoyed that he breaks off the test after just a few seconds: "For me, it has nothing to do with proper, adequate locomotion".

CobrAttackNow it's the turn of the children Romi (10), Moritz (6) and Mara (6), Johanna (7) and Mia (6), Gregor (11) and Clemens (7) as well as Jan (8) and are allowed to play the game Check out "CobrAttack". The little testers all have question marks in their eyes when they are handed the box. They quickly realize that there must be a dangerous snake in the basket guarding a treasure - at least that's the common theory. The children are convinced that the cobra cannot be a real animal: "Otherwise that would be crazy," is one conclusion. But enough talking shop, let's get down to business. Without instructions, the little ones assemble the game in no time at all. And the testers also find out all the functions on their own. They have a lot of fun sneaking up to the basket like little ninjas, from which a cobra could jump with every wrong move and scare the little robbers. Their summary is unanimously: "Hot!".

Endoscope Ear PickNever have dirty ears again? That's what the manufacturer of the Endoscope Ear Pick promises. The studied Arne is skeptical even before using it: "Earwax would never be bad again. There's a reason why it exists." He's smart. And the rest of the student flat shares are also looking for the usefulness of the device. The same applies to Detlev, who is already served again after unpacking: "If I have to grow my ear now, then there is a grimace here that is second to none." But don't panic: The HD ear canal cleaning tool (as Steffi correctly reads it out loud) is designed to clean your ears. And in places that are not visible to the naked eye. This is made possible by a mini camera that is connected to the mobile phone via an app, an LED light and special cleaning tools. The assembly is no problem for all testers, and the usability also seems to be easy - apart from a few connection problems. In practice, however, everyone comes to the same conclusion: Unfortunately, the device is useless. Detlev hits the spot: "That's complete nonsense".

Ciorba de burtaIn the next round there will finally be something delicious to eat again - thought Emily (8) and Hannes (7), Gregor (11) and Clemens (7), Moritz (6) and Maxim (6) as well as Jan (8 ) in any case. As soon as the Romanian dish "Ciorba de burta" was served, a warm lunch, the little testers almost popped their cute beady eyes out of their faces. "Wow, ehh - there's something in there that looks like puke" are just a few of the honest reactions intended to express the children's horror. Very few would like to try the spicy tripe soup made from vegetable broth, garlic, yoghurt, lemon, vinegar, chili and cow stomach, but the two brave sips carefully from the spoon and grimace in disgust. "That's rubbish," is her devastating verdict.

ZlideOn replacement slideBefore we continue with the next test, the Kneidinger couple first treat themselves to two or three sips from the flask they recently found. So much time has to be. Then it's down to business: The ZlideOn replacement slide poses a great challenge for Ingrid and Otto. As she and the other testers quickly found out, it's a repair kit set for plastic and metal zippers. So the task here is to replace a broken zipper. And as luck would have it, a defective copy was found in every household. After Detlev has already gritted his teeth on the instructions and snorts: "The description sucks," Nicole manages the exchange after a short time. Ingrid tries on a bag, but does not get a satisfactory result, so Otto ends the test and states disappointed: "So I have to buy you a new bag for ten euros". While Roland had a traumatic experience with his zipper in the past and has only worn trousers with buttons since then, Steffi succeeds in threading it in after initial skepticism. Nevertheless, she is not convinced of the product. In the end, Detlev suddenly thinks it's "really cool".

Selfie-Mic Rarely has Ingrid been so upset as she was during this product test: she had hardly been allowed to unpack the selfie-mic (still elated) when she vented her anger. "I don't want to have anything to do with a microphone at all. And if the whole world is using one, DON'T ICK!" she exclaims, leaving her husband alone in the living room. Opinions also differ for Hubert and Matthias. While Falla is happy about the test, Mecker-Mangiapane is not amused about the product. "Oh my God. To sing karaoke, I usually have to have one in my tea first," he says, not very enthusiastic. His husband, on the other hand, finds the idea super funny and smashes a classic by Jürgen Marcus through the microphone. The idea behind the product is to record karaoke songs live with your cell phone and then share them with friends. Steffi is immediately on fire when she hears this, although she honestly admits that she is not a talented singer. On the contrary: "As a pop star, I would be a disaster. I have no tact – but it doesn't matter, the main thing is to have fun". That's right! After bawling Maya the Bee fervently into the microphone, Roland also dares to take the microphone. In the end, at least half of the test laps enjoyed it - apart from Otto, who had to contend with technical difficulties. In return, Ingrid got her own serenade to soothe her when her husband performed "Granada" live, almost at opera level. Chapeau, Otto!

Carpet beaterWhy always test new products when there are so many things that children in particular don't know (yet) at all? In this case it is a classic carpet beater that is presented to the test juniors. is that a pan Or a wooden tennis racket? The short ones are faced with a riddle that only Jan can solve. He knows immediately what it is and what you need it for - no one can fool him. After the children were allowed to try the beater on the freshly cleaned carpet, the wildest theories are put forward as to how long the product has been around. "Since the Stone Age," the girls are sure. "Definitely in the age of knights," the boys know better. Sometimes it's just fun to watch the little ones guessing.

Luxury air bedWhen a Matthias Mangiapane says something so positive about a product, that means something. A luxury queen-size air bed elicited a compliment from the reality star, who was often quickly annoyed: "That's a great thing". But why is he enthusiastic about an inflatable mattress including a frame? Quite simply: because it builds up and breaks down by itself. All you have to do is press the on-off switch. An integrated pump then ensures that the bed inflates itself and supports a load of up to 180 kilograms. A direct invitation for the student flat share to lie down on it with four people at the same time. Lo and behold, the younger generation is also visibly impressed. "It's really stable, boy," exclaims a roommate. The quartet agree that if they had such a luxury air bed, they would never let their guests go again. And what do Ingrid and Otto say about it? They just think the product is beautiful.

Chow CrownIn this game from the USA, Jill (6), Anni and Maja (11), Emilio and Medin (10) get support from Detlev. He's just happy that he finally doesn't have to assemble anything - and of course it happens as it has to: Chow Crown is delivered in individual parts. "I'm testing here with children because I thought I didn't have to build anything there. And now you're coming to me with something like that?" He gets angry. Fortunately, the young testers have much more fun putting the product together. It is a kind of crown with many small forks on which food is placed. Then the wearer only has to move their head to try and get the snacks into their mouths. The children obviously have fun when Detlev is the first to step into the ring. And even he can hardly contain himself from paintwork. "The game is awesome," is his verdict. And the junior testers also find it "hot".

Pie Face Cannon Finally, the adults can also test a game that some viewers may already be familiar with: Pie Face Cannon is the successor to the popular game, the two previous versions of which were also tested on "Hot oder Schrott". In this edition there is a cannon, with the help of which the spray cream is shot at the opponent - more precisely his face. Andreas and Kathrin are absolutely thrilled: "Great, I've always wanted to try it out". And even Detlev and Nicole can get something out of the game. The same applies to the student flat share. Everyone raves about it until even the last tester has a dollop of cream on his face. Great fun for young and old, after all, "Pie Face" is approved for ages five and up.

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