Hot offer?: Huge discount on ceramic wok pan from Tefal

Wok pans are ideal when it comes to gently preparing dishes at high temperatures.

Hot offer?: Huge discount on ceramic wok pan from Tefal

Wok pans are ideal when it comes to gently preparing dishes at high temperatures. Crunchy vegetables work just as well in a wok as crispy meat specialties. There is currently a Tefal wok pan on offer on eBay for 34.99 instead of 80.99 euros - a hot price or more of a lure? We know the details of the deal.

Wok pans are available with different coatings. The Tefal model with ceramic coating has a diameter of 28 centimeters and currently only costs 34.99 euros. You can also use a code when purchasing that will reduce an additional 3.50 euros from the price. This reduces the final price of the wok to 31.49 euros. Compared to other providers, eBay currently has the cheapest price online for the Tefal wok pan (including shipping costs). Other retailers charge at least 17 euros more plus delivery costs.

The details of the Tefal wok pan:

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The Tefal pan is made of lightweight aluminum with a mineral ceramic coating. Ceramics offer many advantages when cooking. The material has a high hardness, is resistant to acids, can withstand high temperatures and has low wear. This makes the Tefal wok pan a robust kitchen tool that can be used to prepare all kinds of dishes.

Some wok pans are made of cast iron. The enameled Vario Wok from Rössle, for example, is ideal for preparing anything that needs to be seared at high temperatures. Its robust material is not only durable, it can also take a beating and can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees. Even preparing dishes on the grill is no problem with the Rössle wok. At just under 70 euros, the branded wok is also significantly more expensive than the Tefal version.

The details of the Rössle wok pan:

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Both cast iron and ceramic coated pans have their advantages and disadvantages. Due to their material, cast iron wok pans are almost indestructible, last forever and impress with their very high thermal conductivity. Less fat is also required to prepare food, which is why these pans should be interesting for health-conscious connoisseurs. However, due to their material, they are heavy, which makes them difficult to handle when cooking. The time to warm up also takes significantly longer. Cast iron pans also require special care to prevent them from rusting. In addition, there is usually a higher purchase price.

Ceramic cookware, on the other hand, heats up quickly, is significantly lighter and resistant to acidic ingredients. Nothing burns easily when cooking and cleaning doesn't require much effort. This requires more fat during preparation and the coating on the pan can break more quickly.

When choosing the right wok pan, the planned use is crucial. If you cook regularly in a wok or don't want to do without it when camping, choose a model made of cast iron. For normal household use, the lighter version with a ceramic coating is a good choice.

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