Hoboken is ravaged by Nor'easter

Gov. Phil Murphy declared a state emergency because 2-4 inches of rain could fall, roughly half the amount that fell during Hurricane Ida.

Hoboken is ravaged by Nor'easter

HOBOKEN (NJ) -- Hoboken declared a state emergency to prepare for a nor'easter, which is expected to bring 2-4 inches of rain to the area by Tuesday afternoon.

Ravi Bhalla, Mayor of Hoboken, stated that "Hoboken's Office of Emergency Management encourages citizens to avoid travel and stay home during the storms and State of Emergency" which will begin Monday at 8 p.m.

Hoboken was issued a flash flooding watch by the National Weather Service, stating that it expected 2 to 4 inches of rain. During Tropical Depression Ida, Hoboken and the surrounding towns received 5 to 9 inches of rain.

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Hoboken's latest message advised drivers to avoid flash floods. It also stated that discounted parking is available for those who park in flood-prone areas. The message also stated that Tuesday's Hoboken Farmer's Market was canceled. You can read the entire message here.

As of right now, significant rains are also forecast for Friday night and Saturday.

Avoid flooding-prone areas

Flooding in low-lying areas could result from heavy rainfall exceeding 0.8 inches per hour. Flood-prone areas are best avoided by residents. These areas will have "No Parking Signs" posted by the Office of Emergency Management. They should be considered advisories. No cars will be towable. Near flood-prone intersections, barricades will be placed. Barricades should not be driven around.

Call the NHSA Hotline at (866 689-3970 to report flooding intersections or clogged drain inlets.

Secure loose objects

Monday night is expected to see winds of between 15 and 30 MPH. Residents are advised to secure any loose items outside and bring them inside, particularly on balconies. Depending on the wind load, outdoor tents should not be left up.

Power outages could be caused by damaging winds that can blow down trees or power lines.

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