Ho, ho, raise your cups!: Cheers or puff cake? The Amazon spirits advent calendar in the star check

Getting down first thing in the morning for the 23 days leading up to Christmas Eve is not a good idea.

Ho, ho, raise your cups!: Cheers or puff cake? The Amazon spirits advent calendar in the star check

Getting down first thing in the morning for the 23 days leading up to Christmas Eve is not a good idea. Waiting until the evening and enjoying a noble shot by candlelight after the work is done sounds better. The Amazon premium spirits advent calendar also attracts all friends of high-proof creations with fine gin miniatures, whiskey tasters, rum, grappa and other liquid delicacies at Christmas 2022. In our test, we reveal which culinary delights the shipping giant has hidden in the 24 boxes this time, how much space you need for the minibar and for whom the calendar with plenty of turns is worthwhile. Because we have already inspected Amazon's advent calendar for adults - and discovered some highlights.

Like last year, there are 24 miniature bottles in the surprise boxes. 21 of them come as a 5 cl version, with the other three, 4 cl must be enough to try. And for two simple shots that's still enough. So everything is ready for a three-week tasting of exquisite liqueurs, single malts and spicy juniper creations.

After having to add something or at least clear a complete window sill last year in order to be able to set up the XXL home bar and present it in a befitting way, the 2022 spirits calendar once again requires significantly less space. Strictly speaking, the area of ​​a DIN A4 sheet is sufficient. Black and gold dominate the design. The boxes with the spirits are neatly sorted in six rows of four mini schnapps each in a kind of small bar. Each box can be removed and opened individually. Also means: In contrast to the previous year, the advent calendar can be reused in 2023 and filled with your own little surprises.

We particularly like the booklet this year and especially how it was integrated into the design of the calendar. Because it hangs on a bar sign, which is inserted into two tabs on the back when the calendar is set up. The booklet itself is then hung over the bar sign. So you can easily turn the page every day and either get detailed information about the schnapps of the day or be inspired by a suitable cocktail recipe. Each page of the booklet is perforated under the ring binding. The favorites can therefore be separated out and stored in your own recipe or cocktail folder.

Compared to the previous year, the Amazon liquor experts used the shelves of classic spirits again in 2022. Seven different gins and six whiskeys from all over the world (more on that later) can be tasted. There are also five liqueurs or liqueur mixtures, four mini rum bottles (two of them in a spiced version) and a grappa. Exotic this time is a Spanish brandy. Fruit brandies were completely avoided this year. It is noticeable that most of the gins are based on German products. When it came to whiskeys, Jim, Jack and Johnny were avoided, to our delight. Three times Ireland, twice Scotland and a surprise guest from Denmark await all single malt fans

Attention spoilers: If you want to be surprised, you should jump to the conclusion here.

Two whiskeys and a powerful gin from Norway are our highlights in the Amazon Premium Spirits Advent Calendar 2022. At the forefront is a whiskey from our neighboring country Denmark. Have you ever eaten freshly baked Danish rye bread? This is what Stauning Kaos should feel like, or at least something similar, when it runs down your throat. This award-winning whiskey is made from ground-malted barley and rye, distilled in copper pot stills and aged for three years. The Triple Malt is a board. It has a befitting 46% vol. and should also remind of nougat and caramel notes in the finish.

Silver goes to a juniper dream from the forests of Norway. The Bareksten Gin fulfills everything that a powerful and at the same time fruity botanical gin must have. It tastes pure and as an outstanding mix partner in a gin and tonic. However, we think that Bareksten is too good to mix. There really isn't much more to say about this true Viking spirit. Except perhaps that the miniature edition is just as high-quality and elegant as its big brothers and sisters. Our recommendation is clear: definitely try it.

Third in our unofficial top 3 is a 13 year old Scotch from the Speyside region. The Craigellachie distillery, which began bottling in 1898, is now owned by Bacardi Martini. This single malt matures in the classic way in bourbon and sherry casks. According to the official description, drinking it should remind you of baked apples studded with cloves. Accompanied by a, Warning: hint of gunpowder.

Spoiler End

Anyone who loves fruity fruit brandies is in the wrong place with the Amazon premium spirits advent calendar this year. Friends of cultivated whiskeys and lovers of German gins, on the other hand, will get their money's worth. When it comes to diversity, Amazon has shifted down half a gear. However, in favor of the quality of the other high-proof samples. Fortunately, the shipping giant keeps the price stable at just under 80 euros. 3.33 euros per mini-bottle. That's OK. 16 of the official bottlings (0.5 or 0.7 l) cost 20 euros and more on Amazon. For the most expensive bottle, you have to invest more than 64 euros. On average, we come to 26 euros for the large formats. That's a good two euros more than in the previous year. In terms of value for money, there is nothing to complain about. Oh yes: Only four of the 24 sample bottles are made of plastic. All other spirits were filled into small glass bottles and some even sealed with wooden stoppers.

As a bonus to the mostly fine droplets, there is also a chic booklet with information and cocktail recipes in 2022. We were also impressed by the compact yet elegant design of the calendar. Top: The boxes can be refilled. That's the way it has to be.

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