Gentle care: What actually is sheep's milk soap - and for whom is it suitable?

Ordinary soap contains three components: alkalis, fats and oils.

Gentle care: What actually is sheep's milk soap - and for whom is it suitable?

Ordinary soap contains three components: alkalis, fats and oils. For this reason, it is primarily suitable for cleaning hands, as it draws moisture from the skin and can therefore dry it out (if used frequently). Of course, it can still be used for daily personal hygiene, but no extensive care is to be expected here. However, this should not apply to sheep's milk soap, since it has a moisturizing effect - and is therefore a universally applicable natural product with which you can care for your skin. Due to the high fat and protein content as well as the many vitamins and minerals, the soap is said to have a calming, nourishing and anti-inflammatory effect. This should make it particularly suitable for dry or sensitive skin types.

As the name suggests, the finished soap also contains sheep's milk in addition to vegetable oils and fats. It not only has a lot of essential fatty acids, but also vitamins B2, B6, B12, B13, C and niacin. This makes them a popular ingredient in natural cosmetics. Depending on the product, the sheep's milk soap contains a nourishing olive, almond, grape seed or palm oil, but shea butter is also a popular ingredient in the natural soaps. Depending on the manufacturer, the milk itself should come from regional organic farms with species-appropriate animal husbandry. Other active ingredients that may be contained in sheep's milk soap include lanolin (sheep's wool fat), dyes and fragrances or even fresh herbs. The combination of all ingredients is thus credited with a gentle, anti-inflammatory but also strong moisturizing effect. The soap is therefore also recommended for cleaning dry and sensitive skin. No matter whether you want to wash your face, hands or body with it.

1. Ovis

For 18 years, the Ovis company has been making soaps from sheep's milk that are free from parabens, silicones and mineral oils. The finished products are suitable for body care due to the various vegetable oils (e.g. palm, olive, grape seed or almond oil) as they have a moisturizing effect. In plain language this means: Due to the high oil content, more fat is added to your skin during washing than washed away. As a result, the sheep's milk soap has a caring and anti-inflammatory effect. Especially if you have sensitive or irritated skin. Here you can find the soaps from Ovis.

2. Florex

According to the company Florex, the sheep's milk soap consists of three ingredients: sheep's milk, lanolin (i.e. wool wax) and vegetable oil. The family business from Sierning, a municipality in Austria, has been producing natural cosmetics since 1998. The special thing about their handmade soap is the organic sheep's milk. Florex now offers a wide variety of different colors and scents, so that its customers can choose between over 200 sheep's milk soaps. Here is the soap from Florex.

3. Savion

The Savion company also advertises that it attaches great importance to species-appropriate animal husbandry and the feeding of its sheep. Due to the ecological rearing, their body soap should only be made from natural ingredients. Free from ingredients such as palm oil or dried milk powder, the animal-free sheep's milk soap is 100 percent biodegradable. It is suitable for body and face and is also recommended for dry skin. Here is the soap from Savion.

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