Gadget for back problems: treadmill for the desk: walking instead of standing for a healthy back

According to a study by the Robert Koch Institute from 2020, 61 percent of those surveyed said they had suffered from back pain in the last twelve months.

Gadget for back problems: treadmill for the desk: walking instead of standing for a healthy back

According to a study by the Robert Koch Institute from 2020, 61 percent of those surveyed said they had suffered from back pain in the last twelve months. Probably the most common cause of back problems is too little exercise coupled with long periods of sitting. All too often this is due to our work, where many people sit for hours and stare at a screen.

As the NDR reports, sitting is not only harmful to the back. It shuts down the metabolism and thus promotes obesity, diabetes and calcified heart arteries. Researchers from the USA and Australia found out. This is particularly dangerous for overweight people, because their abdominal fat produces messenger substances that promote inflammatory processes in the body.

Some office workers therefore rely on a height-adjustable desk - only to realize that standing for long periods of time is also not particularly comfortable. In general, human beings are by nature not made to stand or sit for long periods of time. We prefer to lie down and walk when we want to do something good for our body. And this is where the desk treadmill comes in.

Compared to a normal treadmill, this is a smaller version that usually does not have handles on the side. The treadmills are therefore not suitable for jogging. The treadmills are also not a substitute for a real walk, because walking on them is rather monotonous. And of course the sensory impressions and thoughts that a nice walk evokes better than an Excel spreadsheet are missing.

Nevertheless, relaxed walking while working is not wrong, because it prevents the body from shutting down and having to drown the tiredness in liters of coffee. And, of course, the body burns more calories by walking 10,000 monotonous steps at work before lunch than not at all. So into the comparison.

A reasonable treadmill for a desk has several properties: It should run quietly and cushion your steps so that it doesn't get in the way of your work. A non-slip tread is important. In addition, the design also counts, after all it is used in the study and should blend in with the look of the other furniture.

Rollers or a folding mechanism are also desirable in order to be able to move the treadmill in a relaxed manner if you also want to walk in front of the TV in the living room or want to stow it away. Most treadmills can be operated with a remote control. Different tempo settings are of course mandatory.

A treadmill that, according to the manufacturer, combines these properties is the Letix DeskWalk. With its wooden look, the treadmill stands out from the competition. According to the manufacturer, a low-noise electric motor accelerates the walking pad up to six kilometers per hour. You control the speed with a remote control.

There are twelve preset training modes. According to the manufacturer, the treadmill also cushions your steps so that you are not disturbed while you work. Altogether it is twelve centimeters high. The head section has rollers and an LCD display that tells you how far you've walked. The DeskWalk can be loaded up to 120 kilograms. Important: It draws its power from the socket. Incidentally, the tread is 96 centimeters long and 44 centimeters wide. It weighs 20 kilograms.

The Walden walking pad is cheaper. The manufacturer does without a homely wood look and keeps its treadmill in black. It unites with the DeskWalk at the maximum speed of six kilometers per hour. However, the Walden treadmill can only withstand a load of 100 kilograms. There is also an LCD display on the head section that shows you the distance run and the speed.

There are also two rollers on the head to move the treadmill. You can, of course, use the included remote control to control the Walden walking pad. Incidentally, at 13 centimetres, this is only slightly higher than the DeskWalk. The tread is 104 centimeters long and 38 centimeters wide. This makes it slightly longer and narrower than its competitor. And at 19 kilograms, it's even one kilogram lighter.

The WP8 treadmill from Citysports is at a similar price level to the Walden walking pad. At 20 kilograms, it weighs just as much as the Letix DeskWalk and, at six kilometers per hour, also offers the same top speed as the first two treadmills in comparison. The LCD display in the head section tells you how many steps you have taken, the distance you have covered and the time it took you to do it. According to the manufacturer, the treadmill's 440-watt motor works quietly. According to the manufacturer, a shock absorption system should ensure that you train quietly on the treadmill.

In terms of payload, the WP8 ranks between a Walden and Litex treadmill: it can withstand a maximum of 110 kilograms. Its tread is 105 centimeters long and 36 centimeters wide. This makes it eight centimeters narrower than the DeskWalk and 2 centimeters narrower than the Walden walking pad. Of course, it also offers a remote control to control the speed and it needs to be placed near an outlet. Unfortunately, castors on the headboard are missing. You have to carry the treadmill from room to room.

The penultimate treadmill in the comparison is the SP-TM-1100-B-iE from SportPlus. This in turn has casters on the headboard so you can easily transport it between rooms. Its tread is 101 centimeters long and 36 centimeters wide. It is therefore one of the shorter and narrower in comparison. An electric motor drives it at up to six kilometers per hour. Of course, you set the speed on the supplied remote control. The treadmill can be loaded with up to 120 kilograms. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not reveal how much it weighs. Otherwise, it also applies here that the treadmill must of course be operated near a socket.

The treadmill itself is described by the manufacturer as non-slip. He does not give any specific information about the damping. Instead of an LCD display, SportPlus uses an LED display for its walking pad. This is usually better viewed in sunlight. Nice: The manufacturer is based in Hamburg and promises to have wear and spare parts in stock in case the treadmill fails. However, the treadmill is not exactly cheap with a price of 430 euros.

The Walkolution Wanderlust treadmill is anything but cheap. You can also get a used small car for 5200 euros. Very few people should really pay the price for a treadmill. The Wanderlust from Walkolution impresses with a unique design that fits seamlessly into a modern house. Instead of under a desk, the Wanderlust treadmill simply integrates it. There is also a backrest in case you have leaked.

Unfortunately, the integrated desk is so small that only a laptop can fit on it. If you like working on larger or multiple screens, you can simply remove the desk and place the treadmill under your normal bar table. Otherwise, the desk is of course adjustable in height. The treadmill can withstand a load of 160 kilograms. Best value in comparison.

Incidentally, what makes it special is its curved tread, which accommodates a rolling of the foot. Incidentally, the manufacturer does not use an electric motor. It relies on a gravity-powered drive that is triggered by your walking. According to the manufacturer, the running surface should also be sound-absorbing.

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