Fuenlabrada, Andorra, Zaragoza and Burgos are playing for relegation to the LEB Oro

Gran Canaria depends on itself to seal the last ticket to the 'Playoff'.

Fuenlabrada, Andorra, Zaragoza and Burgos are playing for relegation to the LEB Oro

Gran Canaria depends on itself to seal the last ticket to the 'Playoff'


Urbas Fuenlabrada, MoraBanc Andorra, Casademont Zaragoza and Hereda San Pablo Burgos will play this Saturday for the two relegation tickets to the LEB Gold League, while Gran Canaria, UCAM Murcia and Surne Bilbao Basket will fight for the last placed in the 'Playoff' for the title on the thirty-fourth and final day of the 2021-2022 Endesa League Regular Phase.

These seven teams will be the ones that play the most this weekend, although of all of them, only the Fuenlabreño and Gran Canaria teams depend exclusively on them and they know that with a victory they would fulfill their objectives. All matches will be played this Saturday at a unified time (8:45 p.m.), except for Río Breogán-Unicaja, which will be at 6:00 p.m.

Undoubtedly, within the drama that can be expected between the four involved in relegation, three with the balance of 11/22, the greatest tension will surely be seen in the Coliseum de Burgos where the faces of Hereda San Pablo, colista and the unique with 10/23, and Urbas Fuenlabrada, possibly the great direct duel of the day.

The team from Fuenlabrada saved their 'final' this week against Breogán and will now play a final against the team from Burgos, with the advantage that victory does not make them look at other pavilions and would certify their permanence. It is also worth it if it loses and so do MoraBanc and Casademont, but if one of these wins and falls on the Burgos track it will go down. Paco Olmos' men, meanwhile, lost at La Fonteta and need to win and then wait for at least one Andorran or Zaragoza defeat, while if they lose they won't avoid relegation.

Casademont is the other team that will start on Saturday in the relegation position as they are penultimate after falling in a decisive match at the Príncipe Felipe against MoraBanc. Now, their destiny will be played out in Murcia against a UCAM that is risking their chances of being in the 'Playoff' and if they win they will need Urbas, Coosur Real Betis or MoraBanc not to do so, while if they fall, the victory combination of the 'Fuenla' and defeat of Andorra.

Those of Sito Alonso, one win from the eighth place held by Gran Canaria, have to prevail and hope that the Canarian team cannot beat Real Madrid at the Gran Canaria Arena with their homework done and that may have more head in the 'Final Four' in Belgrade. Waiting for a setback from Porfi Fisac ​​and the university students will be Surne Bilbao Basket, who will want to become strong at home against the saved Coosur Real Betis to add the victory they need to take eighth place.

MoraBanc Andorra, buoyed by their morale for saving two finals against Urbas and Casademont, will attempt a third consecutive victory against Lenovo Tenerife, sixth-placed, but who still aspire to be fourth and have home court advantage in the quarterfinals. final. If Óscar Quintana's men are successful, they will need a defeat from Fuenlabrada or Zaragoza or a victory from Betis.

On the other hand, the rest of the weekend will be focused on defining the final positions of the 'Playoff'. Valencia Basket and Joventut, separated by a win, are fighting to be third and avoid Barça until a theoretical final.

The 'taronja' will visit a Fontes do Sar that will celebrate the permanence of the Monbus Obradoiro, while the 'Penya' will play in the Buesa Arena against the fifth classified, a Bitci Baskonia, who aspires to snatch the fourth position, which he ensures only without depend on other results if it prevails by 24 or more points.

Finally, in addition to Lenovo Tenerife, BAXI Manresa, seventh, could also be fifth, which means winning Barça at the Nou Congost, who could also have more of a mind in the 'Final Four' Classic, and wait In addition, the Baskonia and Tenerife defeat.


Rafael Serrano - Jorge Martinez Fernandez - Carlos Merino.

Óscar Perea - Arnau Padrós - Esperanza Mendoza.

Carlos Peruga - Vicente Bultó - David Sánchez Benito.

Fernando Calatrava - Alberto Sánchez Sixto - Yasmina Alcaraz.

Emilio Perez Pizarro - Carlos Cortes - Sergio Manuel.

Benjamin Jimenez - Martin Caballero - Juan de Dios Oyon.

Juan Carlos Garcia Gonzalez - Francisco Spider - Javier Torres.

Antonio Conde - Luis Miguel Castillo - Alfonso Olivares.

UCAM MURCIA - CASADEMONT ZARAGOZASaturday, 05/14/2022 8:45 p.m.Daniel Hierrezuelo - Jordi Aliaga - Joaquín García González


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