Fuels reach a new record without taking into account the discount of 20 cents

Fuel prices rise again.

Fuels reach a new record without taking into account the discount of 20 cents

Fuel prices rise again. In the last week they have risen again to their highest levels since March. The only thing that prevents another record for gasoline and diesel is that the discount of 20 cents per liter required by the Government is still in force, which has prevented both fuels from reaching maximums.

According to data released this Thursday by the European Union (EU) Oil Bulletin, which includes the average price registered at more than 11,400 Spanish service stations between May 3 and 9, gasoline is sold in Spain -once applied the discount - at an average of 1,678 euros per liter, while diesel does so at 1,711 euros. Without the bonus, it would be in records.

However, if the discount approved a few weeks ago by the Government within the framework of the national response plan to the economic and social consequences of the war in Ukraine is excluded, both gasoline, with a price of 1,878 euros per litre, and diesel, which reaches 1,911 euros, would set records.

These prices confirm another of the particular trends of this period. The cost of diesel rose 2.3% compared to the previous week and once again exceeded that of gasoline for the sixth consecutive week, which is paid 2.5% more expensive.

Figures that place the price of fuel in Spain close to the European average. Without taking into account the discounts applied, in the member states of the European Union gasoline is paid at an average of 1,903 per liter (more than two cents more than in Spain), while diesel costs Europeans 1,905 on average (close to one cent less).

The country with the highest gasoline price is Finland, with 2,218 euros, followed by Denmark (2,209) and Greece (2,171). As for diesel, the Swedes are the ones who pay the most dearly (2,257), ahead of the Finns (2,242) and the Germans (2,075).

On the contrary, the state where you pay less for gasoline is Hungary, at a price of 1,252 euros per liter. Behind is Malta (1.34) and Poland (1.454). Regarding diesel, Malta (1.21), Hungary (1,407) and Poland (1,584) repeat on the podium of the countries with cheaper prices.


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