From the sulky corner: You want total special ops?

Kremlin cleaners and his cronies are as crazy as the German Nazis were, who eventually believed the nonsense of their own propaganda.

From the sulky corner: You want total special ops?

Kremlin cleaners and his cronies are as crazy as the German Nazis were, who eventually believed the nonsense of their own propaganda. nuclear war? No problem. "We're going to heaven, the others just scrape off."

Friends, comrades, welcome to the Columnist Manifesto. How lucky for you that I am still with you and that you can read my garlands of thoughts. It could have turned out differently. Because some residents of the "BRD GmbH" and from the country of the Schurbler sent me mail with threats and curses because I formulated uncomfortable things about Tsar Vladimir the Frightened, Gazprom-Gerd and Pipeline-Manu. It's amazing that Pipeline-Manu and the SPD from Mecklenburg-Gazprommern have recently found many friends in the AfD and in Attila's community, the vegan Schwurbler.

One wanted to see me hanged before he discovered his humanity and was content with my departure - "to where the pepper grows". But what am I supposed to do in India? As a very do-gooder, I'd rather die than follow in the footsteps of Vasco da Gama and become a nasty colonialist. Otherwise my chances are zero that a street will be named after me after my death. I don't want to burden posterity with a historical dispute: Yes, that's right, Schmoll was threatened at the time. But did he have to go to India, which is still suffering the consequences of British imperialism? Couldn't he haunt Switzerland?

Others want to put me on trial as a "war criminal" and for "incitement against everything Russian" and bring me an unjust punishment because: "You are one of those who are instigating nuclear war." Aha. So so. The sincere wish is as follows: "Hopefully Nuremberg will come." If you drive the A9 from Berlin to Munich and back again, even twice. But please with speed 130 to the war crimes tribunal! We want to be decent. I, too, expressed intercession in my reply: "Hopefully the spanking will come."

As a kitchen psychologist with many years of experience, my diagnosis for quite a few contemporaries who have fallen out of time is: Insanity could play a role. I think it has to do with the fact that these are difficult times for residents of BRD GmbH and other fans of Tsar Vladimir the Scary. The Merkel dictatorship ended with a very simple Sunday election - and even Xavier Naidoo flew off their flag. Now it's Attila, the vegan slob, who has to do it from Turkey (or something), which isn't so easy because his megaphone can't be heard at the Reichstag from the Bosphorus, no matter how hard he yells.

There remains only the recourse to the largest Schwurbler forum in the world: the Internet. There, Putin understanders and sofa pacifists join forces and bend something so that they do not have to recognize their mistaken belief in the world of madness. Yes, "the West" and "NATO" have complicity in everything, including the destruction of Mariupol and the Bucha massacre.

So who held maneuvers in Ukraine? Exactly, the evil NATO. One would not blame Tsar Vladimir the Frightened for allowing some kind of maneuver to take place in the Ukraine. The old warhorse only means well with the Russian brothers in the Ukraine. He wants to liberate it with bombs and rockets - that is, through destruction. When all Ukrainians are gone, they are all free. Very easily. A genocide against the genocide! This is absolutely new in world history. It's called a cleanse, which is why I should probably call Tsar Vladimir the Frightened Kremlin Cleaners.

I know this all sounds a little crazy - and of course it is. But perhaps you have already noticed that Putze also has a certain penchant for insanity. He fluctuates between feelings of inferiority and megalomania, laziness and megalomania, crybaby and bully. It seems to me that the standards have slipped a little bit for him and his cleaning crew. Putze is a believer, he always holds up red candles at Easter. He firmly believes in the nonsense that he and his buddies (ministers, generals) talk.

Kremlin plasters, a fascist, sees Nazis everywhere. Regarding criticism of Russian culture, he says: "The last time such a massive campaign to destroy objectionable literature was waged was almost 90 years ago by the National Socialists in Germany." Can we conclude from this that he also sees us Germans as a brother nation and wants to free us from Nazis and drug addicts, i.e. Greens who smoke pot? Maybe with an atomic bomb? Dude, please stay where you are. We don't want to be liberated from you. And it seems to me that 99 percent of Ukrainians don't want you in the country either.

Kremlin cleaners and their mad cronies bitch when the Ukrainian army drops a few bombs on Russian territory. How foggy does a brain have to be to start a war, break international law, murder and destroy on a daily basis and then whine about a few bombs on oil tanks? How crazy do you have to be to mistreat a country militarily and then complain that Russians and people of Russian descent abroad are now and then mobbed? What's wrong in your head when you first install "people's republics" in neighboring countries that you want to incorporate, in order to then recognize them as "states"?

Putze and his cronies are as insane as the German Nazis were, who eventually fell victim to their own propaganda and genuinely believed the nonsense they told every day. Dmitri Medvedev, for example, who served as a freelancer for Kremlin plaster for many years, claims that the Ukrainians' "bloody and false mythical consciousness" means that their country suffers the same fate as the Third Reich and that the way is then clear for "an open Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostok". But please excluding Germany!

"The general conviction is that Mariupol is a turning point in the war, and more unstable comrades are inclined to see Mariupol as the beginning of the end." Did who say? Replace Mariupol with Stalingrad and you get it. Exactly, it was propaganda Joseph. In February 1943 in the Berlin Sport-Palast. "Do you want total war? Do you want it, if necessary, more total and radical than we can even imagine today?"

Propaganda-Joseph talked for almost two hours. Putze easily manages this to explain the liberation of other brother peoples, perhaps soon in the Republic of Moldova. And then he yells: Do you want total special ops? Do you want it, if necessary, more totally and radically than we can even imagine today? Some Russians do. Putze's favorite commentator Vladimir Solovyov, a crazy TV presenter, is one of them. nuclear war? Clear. "We're going to heaven, the others just scrape off." That was supposed to be a joke. hahaha


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