For the whole family: cookbooks about healthy eating: simple recipe ideas to imitate

At the beginning of the year, many people resolve to live healthier lives.

For the whole family: cookbooks about healthy eating: simple recipe ideas to imitate

At the beginning of the year, many people resolve to live healthier lives. They want to exercise more, smoke less – and pay more attention to their diet. Unfortunately, some people lack the necessary inspiration to (positively) change their cooking habits. However, that doesn't mean that you have to give up the idea, there are a number of cookbooks on healthy eating that provide you with suitable recipes for the whole family. We present six of them in more detail below.

Winner of the German Cookbook Prize in 2021, this Spiegel bestseller aims to rekindle the fun of cooking: During the corona pandemic, the program "Iss better" was broadcast on NDR. It featured Hamburg's top chef Tarik Rose and nutrition doc Matthias Riedl, who together exposed nutritional misconceptions, pointed out new trends and presented healthy foods. In the book of the same name, the unequal team is said to have succeeded in "supplying valuable nutritional tips that also encourage people to enjoy cooking," according to the cookbook award jury.

Frank Rosin is not only known for his big mouth: the famous star chef is also a master of his trade. Whether oat-almond granola, sushi bowl or iced matcha tea with apple - in his book ("Healthy and fit with Frank Rosin: Successfully losing weight with the personal nutrition program from the star chef"), the famous TV chef reveals 75 healthy ways "Schmackofatz" diet recipes suitable for everyday use. Frank himself has already managed to lose an impressive 15 kilos through the combination of interval fasting and a low-carb diet. You can find out how he managed to do this in his book.

If you want to eat a varied diet, you ask yourself the question every day: What am I going to eat today? This cookbook on healthy eating is all about a seasonal diet: fasting in spring so that the body can detoxify. In summer, on the other hand, the focus is on refreshing dishes. In autumn it is important to strengthen the immune system. And in winter it is illustrated how food can be preserved for longer. All in all, reading GU "Eating healthy throughout the year" provides tasty tips for a varied and seasonal diet.

In Germany alone, more than 1.5 million people over the age of 14 eat vegan - according to current statistics (as of 2022). Since tastes are known to be different and children and adults prefer different foods, this cookbook deals with vegan recipe ideas for the whole family. Whether tiramisu with strawberries, spaghetti caprese with nut cheese or lemongrass and coconut soup: There is something for everyone in this vegan family cookbook about healthy favorite dishes for young and old.

Jamie Oliver is known for his quick and easy recipes with just a few ingredients. The married TV chef is the father of five children himself. So he knows exactly what the kids of today like to eat. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner: In his book "Ingeniously healthy: Superfood for Family

This book about healthy eating was also awarded the German Cookbook Prize: the two authors of "Head full of Herbs" have set themselves the task of reinterpreting clean eating. The result is a 320-page cookbook with over 140 vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free recipe ideas for healthy dishes - such as pumpkin and coconut risotto; Lemongrass curry with green vegetables and rice noodle salad with beetroot hummus. "From breakfast to pizza and pasta to fish and seafood, there's something for everyone," says the jury.

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