Football/Data. Rumilly in semi-finals at Coupe de France: A look back at some of the most beautiful courses by our teams

Annemasse is a small Regional 3 club today, but it was once a leading role before World War II.

Football/Data. Rumilly in semi-finals at Coupe de France: A look back at some of the most beautiful courses by our teams

Annemasse is a small Regional 3 club today, but it was once a leading role before World War II. Between 1922-1946, Union Sportif was able to qualify 11 times for 32nd finals. This feat has been lost since.

The club reached its peak in 1940, beating the already renowned ancestors of Olympique Lyonnais, Lyon OU at the time, which had not yet split. The victory was not without prestige. 5 goals to 1. A football lesson. After a draw at Sochaux in one leg, the second leg ended in a cold shower, with a 4-1 loss on February 4.

The Coupe de France didn't stop during the occupation, unlike the Tour de France. This tragic period in history also marks the greatest performance of FC Annecy's history. In 1942, the club reached the quarter-finals.

This feat was achieved by a small club. However, it is mostly explained by the specific competition conditions. Traffic restrictions in France caused the clubs to be divided into three zones: occupied zone, free zone, and forbidden zone. Each club holds a cup. The tournament will be closed by the winners of each cup.

The round of 16 was not 8 but 24 games. Saint-Chamond was defeated by Annecy 2-1. The elimination takes place on February 1 in Iris stadium, under the snow, near Lyon. According to Edmond Delucinge's Petit Dauphinois report, the Savoyards are "In beauty" when they face Toulouse.

Let's not be regretful... Savoyard football once more will have done wonders at a great event. It had never walked so far before these quarter-finals, almost impossible for the most seasoned amateurs. A flag made glorious for long periods already," gets lost in translation by the journalist.

The 1953 performance of FC Grenoble dominated the history of Grenoble football before the 2009 semi-final.

The people of Iserois beat Avion in 32nd. They then shocked everyone by defeating Sedan fans 16th. However, Olympique Lyonnais is predicting a lot more than that. Grenoble residents will be the beneficiaries of the wind this March 1, fortunately. Literally, because violent gusts sweep across the ground lengthwise. FC Grenoble's passes are more valuable than the Lyonnais' long kicks.

After a balanced match, the second half saw the start of a "real Grenoble Festival" thanks to the "magic square", Guitoun and Barreteau. The ex-Stephanois team scored their first goal in the 29th minute. This was a result that "practically only one team" could score, according to the Dauphine Andre Lloubes. The second goal came quickly. Lyon replied in 42 minutes, tightening the score. The ticket to the quarter-finals has been obtained! Final score: Grenoble wins 2-1

Unfortunately, the "beautiful dream" ends in the match against Nancy. Although the first half is promising, the "magic circle" is quite incisive. Castellani, one member of this amazing quartet, sees the opposition goal fall on him. Two broken ribs and a team that has to grow to 10, until the injured returns to field, grinning his teeth. The FCG is in crisis with its best player being in poor health and the "incredible luck" of not opening the scoring yet. Nancy scored twice to dampen the hopes of the 2,000 Grenoble residents in Lyon, who were eager to see the epic unfold.

Fans are hopeful that after a slow victory against Orange in 32nd, they will be able to "dominate the Cherbourg pros" in the next round. The next day's "heroes from the 16th finals", as the Dauphine Libere calls them, sees 3 goals to 1. "In the most hospitable atmosphere, the eleven faucignerand won yesterday at Chambery's municipal stadium. This victory was made possible by the strength and will of the hock," Marcel Forestier writes in the columns.

"After a sharp offensive climb by Juskowlak that ended with a cross from the right, Leclerc, in ambush, took advantage of a missed from Klemenzak, to unstoppably defeat a very timorous Cherbourgeois goalkeeper." The 36th minute sees a free kick that allows the professionals to score again, but the Savoyards maintain a solid defense. The extra time begins. In the 162nd minute, joy filled the stadium. Cherbourg's back surprise his goalkeeper by sending a back pass. Clement Kowalski then captures the ball and pushes it into the goal. "The little Carrier" scores with his right foot 20 meters away, despite attempts to counter from the pros.

The US Faucigny lost in Montpellier on March 7, by four goals, despite a slight cloud. Marcel Forestier says that the US Faucigny is dominant, but not "without ever being overclassed". Perhaps in bad faith.

Although the Avenir club Avignonnais is the descendant of the Olympique Avignonnais, it was still in District today. In 1973, the Olympique Avignonnais was D2 and reached its peak at the Coupe de France. It was a smooth course until the round 16 when things got difficult. The Avignonnais lost the initial leg, 2-0.

The return is impressive, however. Despite a strong mistral, the Vauclusiens' attacks are quite numerous in the first period. The opponents respond with counter-attacks that keep the tension up, in front of 8,000 cheering fans at home. The scoring is opened by the City of the Popes in the 32nd.

The goals fell immediately after the incident, in the 38th as well as the 53rd. The penalty was applied to Rouen for a fourth goal. Rouen then had to deal with the headwind in the second period. Avignon scored two more goals to close the match in a convincing victory. 6-0.

The semi-final against Lyon (then in D1) did not go as planned. 4-1 for Lyonnais, who play at home. It's a beautiful ending to a beautiful story. The feat may have encouraged the team to climb to D1 during the 1975-1976 season. She will not stay there for more than a year.

Pont-de-Cheruy, a club located in the North-West region of Isere is a tiny one, but it has managed to reach the 32nd finals. In 1981, he did even better! For a few years, the team was at its peak (it managed climb into the CFA at that time, the 3rd Division). Devaux's goal in the 70th minute of the match against the US Tropezienne in Cannes on February 15 (1-0) was the difference.

The Poncharvins did not lose heart despite a 2-0 loss against Thionville in round 16. The adventure ends on March 11. In the 10th minute, the Gramont stadium's lawn is used to score a goal. Valiant, Devaux scores for the Iserois in the 21st. In the 46th, however, a penalty makes matters worse. Thionville put the final nail in the coffin just two minutes before the end of stoppage time. Final score of the match was 3-1 in front 4,000 disappointed spectators.

Valence, then D2, endured a grueling period with a shaky performance. It was at risk of being demoted. This would happen two years later before his spectacular comeback. Nothing can be more reassuring than a strong run in Coupe de France.

The Valence team is the 32nd winner of FC Gueugnon, and the 16th placer in Dijon (national 1), as they knock down every obstacle. To meet a D2 opponent, she must wait until her encounter with Laval in round 16. Dominique Fouraison, who reported on the match for Dauphine Libere, was surprised to see the Valentinois win. The journalist rejoices that Laval, dumbfounded, didn't expect the Drome to press so hard, decided to face their destiny head-on." He recalled the match and "the Drome's frantic pace, which was perhaps the most comforting element of the championship."

Valence must keep this rhythm against Guy Roux’s AJ Auxerre. They try.

Charles Murgue, Dauphine Libere, notes the many duels won in the first 20 minutes by the Valentinois and the dominance of the men from Leonce Lavagne, who "throughall the colors of rainbow a baffled enemy and do not live not in comfort". Auxerre, however, let the "storm pass" and reacted sharply to Auxerre's counter-attack. Blanc "places the sword first, following a corner relayed to Martins by Laslandes."

Valencia thought that Valencia would score again in the second period, thanks to Quevedo's goal on a cross by Di Fraya. Las: Referee denies the point due to a Lukunku foul on an opponent defender. Frechet is given a second card, forcing the team to reach 10. The team is determined to win despite the desire to win. Yazmadjan's goal in the 56th minute increases the gap. Valencia never returns.

2001 wasn't their best year (see above), however, that year the Valentinois had one of the most memorable matches of their career.

The round of 16 saw the defeat of the champions of France by the small national club AS Monaco. 1 to 0. 1 to 0.

He describes how greedily he feels that the game begins "timidly" with Valencia waiting patiently for its prestigious opponent.

Fabra recovers a ball and passes it to Zouaoui. The Valence playmaker, who reached the surface "infront of a standing stadium", was then "mowed down" by the Monegasque rampart. Monaco is now 10 and Valencia holds all the keys to victory. "A tumble by Berville, who crosses from the penalty spot, results in Fayard's powerful shot that Guel redirects into the cage." Pompidou is on fire! Monaco has never scored again.

Even though Valence lost against Strasbourg 0-2 at their home in 1996 to reach the quarters, the pride is still there today.

Before its demise into hell, the Grenoble Club, in Ligue 1, had been living a dream in Coupe de France for the year prior to its downfall.

When Grenoble defeated Dijon (L2) with penalties in the round 16 they ignited a frenzy, reaching the quarterfinals for the first-time since the 1950s. They were still modest even though they had reached the semi-final against Monaco (2 0), a feat unheard of. "We can't really savor the qualification", said Mecha Bazdarevic (GF38 coach), at the end the match. This was forty-eight hours prior to the decisive championship match against Lille. "We could have gone out to a few beers, but it's not permitted."

It is a little disappointing to see the party spoilt by this troubling context. However, as Bilel Gazi wrote in the DL dated March 19, 2009, the Grenoble residents "solid, calm, and perfectly organized" largely deserved victory.

Unfortunately, the GF38 will not be marching against Rennes next year. Breton Sow's goal from the first half was not able to be caught, despite Grenoble's valiant rebellion in the second. It was a bitter defeat, especially considering Herve Piccirillo's arbitration. Bazdarevic was disappointed that Sow's goal was not in the right place and the match was stopped too many times. Some members of the public were also disappointed, and "waited" for the referee at the exit. They had to be controlled by the CRS.

All Chamberiens remember it. Their small amateur club was able to reach the 32nd finals for the first ever time in their history. It was a stunning victory against AS Monaco. At the end of regulation, one everywhere. A tense penalty shootout. Verdict: Chambery scored three goals, Monaco scored two. Champagne sprang in the locker room after Remy Sahinovich's goal that took the Monegasque goalkeeper off guard.

The adventure doesn't end there. Brest and Sochaux will be eliminated by the little thumb, who has the appetite of an ogre, before going on to lose against Angers in quarter-finals.

It is possible to look back at all years of the Cup, from 1917 until now. No club in our department has ever been so far in the competition. This is simply the best performance ever recorded for any of our teams.

In the memories: The quarter-final against PSG Zlatan was won after a penalty shootout. It was followed by a "huge burst in energy" at Annecy Sports Park (6,000 spectators). "We eliminated PSG," declares Pascal Dupraz in a mockingly remark, as he faces Carlo Ancelotti, who deplores the "disaster". A nice revenge after a previous match lost 4-0 at the Parc des Princes, in a context where Evian-Thonon-Gaillard was fighting to stay in Ligue 1.

The Haut-Savoyards will be playing at the Stade de France in any case. Even though the 3-2 loss against Bordeaux was bittersweet, there was a final "cruel" goal by the Girondins towards the end of a game full of twists and turns. The Dauphine Libere, on the front page, June 1, still wants to express her gratitude.

Rumilly will Rumilly be one of the "little thumbs", who surprised everyone by making it to the top in the Coupe de France. The National 2 Haute-Savoie club seems to be off to a great start. GFA Rumilly Valieres, third in Ligue 2, must beat Toulouse on Wednesday, April 21 after their win against FC Annecy. They do it with a fine score of 2-0. This is how the amateur club found itself in the fourth round of the Coupe de France.

It's possible that the feat will not end. The challenge facing players is huge. They will be facing AS Monaco on May 13th, who has suffered only one defeat since 2021. They are not afraid of the duel, in fact, they love meeting a great team. Rumilly could win, just like Chambery, Valence or Grenoble.