Food processors: Thermomix alternatives: These models want to take on the top dog

Universal kitchen machines make cooking much easier.

Food processors: Thermomix alternatives: These models want to take on the top dog

Universal kitchen machines make cooking much easier. Whether stirring, mixing, pureeing, steaming, grinding, grating or cutting – the electronic helpers simply do it all. This also applies to the legendary Thermomix, which has made a name for itself as the market leader in recent years. The first model was released in 1961 with seven functions, which have been expanded to include many more to this day: The TM6 can now even caramelize, ferment and cook sous-vide. And the manufacturer costs a lot for this - the latest version of the Thermomix: TM6 costs an impressive 1399 euros. This makes many hobby chefs' ears ring, as it's actually "only" about preparing delicious food. It's hardly surprising why there are so many alternatives.

Some time ago, Lidl lost the plagiarism dispute with Vorwerk over its Thermomix alternative. Since then, the food processor has no longer been allowed to be sold - at least not with a specific heating part: the Silvercrest Monsieur Cuisine ("SKMC 1200 F6") costs almost 1000 euros less than the original. Although the device cannot hold a candle to the Thermomix, the alternative still has a lot to offer: left-hand rotation (for stirring) and right-hand rotation (for chopping), ten different speed levels and a turbo function for pulse mixing. The automatic programs include kneading, steaming and frying. And the seven-inch touch display can be used to set time, speed and temperature as well as display the current cooking temperature.

Even cheaper than Krups Prep

The 1000 watt food processor from Medion also makes a very compact impression: it can mix and chop, knead and cook. This is made possible by the eleven operating levels and four stainless steel blades. The scope of delivery includes a cooking and mixing attachment, a steamer attachment and steamer insert, a spatula and measuring cup, a cleaning brush, a butterfly stirrer and a recipe book. The stainless steel bowl in this model only holds two liters, but that shouldn't be an obstacle when cooking. An automatic switch-off function as well as dry cooking and overheating protection ensure the necessary safety - so the Thermomix alternative can also do its work unattended.

The multifunctional food processor HF4568 Clickchef from Moulinex has twelve speeds and five different automatic programs for soups, dough and sauces, for simmering or steaming. This means you can knead, emulsify and also chop the ingredients. The bowl has a large capacity of 3.6 liters and, like all accessories (such as a steamer attachment), is dishwasher safe. In addition to its 32 practical functions for perfectly preparing various dishes from the included recipe book, the device with integrated scales impresses with its compact design. Because it takes up very little space in the kitchen.

By far the cheapest model in this round of presentations is the Thermomaster SC HA 1020, a multifunctional food processor from Efbe-Schott. This 1000 watt device (with 500 watt heating output) also has an integrated scale and is able to mix, cut, knead, stir, steam, boil, (steam) cook and whip. In addition to a stainless steel bowl with a two-liter capacity, the following accessories are included: a kneading and butterfly insert, a grating disk, a steam attachment with insert, a lid, a measuring cup, a replacement sealing ring, a recipe book and an operating manual. The device also has eleven speeds.

Although the 1,550 watt multifunctional food processor from Krups costs less than half of what you would have to pay for a Thermomix, it offers different functions: for example cooking, steaming, stirring, braising, frying, mixing, kneading and whipping. You can also choose between twelve programs at the touch of a button. The food processor prepares the dishes independently in a three-liter stainless steel bowl and keeps them warm - you just have to set the desired temperature, time and speed in advance.

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