FizzUp, personalized sports coaching for weight loss

Struggling to reach your weight goals? What you need is a sports coach.

FizzUp, personalized sports coaching for weight loss

Struggling to reach your weight goals? What you need is a sports coach. With FizzUp, enjoy personalized support with the best online sports coach.

Hundreds of programs, with real coaches

To be effective, your sessions must be properly designed. Warming up and cooling down are as important as the rest of your session. Each exercise is required to be done well in order to work the right muscles, to avoid any risk of injury. Your diet is just as important as your exercise. Tailor the workout to your needs.

How to do these exercises when alone? How do you stay motivated for several weeks or months? How do you train with the equipment you have? Want reassurance that your sessions are well thought out and well done? With the FizzUp fitness application and its online sports coaching, you will benefit from valuable assistance.

The app gives you access to hundreds of exercises and real coaches. It's simple: using your smartphone's camera, the app even informs you when your posture is bad and helps you correct it. After a few sessions, you will have resumed good habits and you will have significantly improved your performance.

Create your sessions: customizable exercises by everyone and for everyone

FizzUp includes more than 1500 exercises covering every part of the body, and 250 sports programs. With the built-in workout creator and online coaches motivating you, your workouts will become much more effective. You will see your first results in just 6 weeks.

With this complete solution, you can design a tailor-made program allowing you to burn fat or build muscle. As personalized online sports coaching, FizzUp will give you advice related to nutrition (with recipes included) and complementary practices, such as yoga or meditation.

The app includes a training schedule. It will help you organize your sessions and maintain your motivation over the long term. For your weight loss, there are programs specially designed for melting fat. This is the case with HIIT programs, for example.

FizzUp has already convinced more than 7 million people and seduces new ones every day. Opinions are largely positive on its Play Store and App Store pages with promises of results kept. Far from being a simple fitness application, it is a real online weight loss coach.

Get your training plan on FizzUp.

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