Fiasco at Stade de France: The Interior and the Police Headquarters reject the blame

The time is not for self-criticism at the Ministry of the Interior, or at the Paris Police Prefecture.

Fiasco at Stade de France: The Interior and the Police Headquarters reject the blame

The time is not for self-criticism at the Ministry of the Interior, or at the Paris Police Prefecture. Despite the chaos that occurred Saturday night May 28, near the Stade de France Saint-Denis, which hosted the Champions League final football match,

This is also true for police unions and agents present Saturday near the stadium. They recognize however "a concern about the level of coordination of police" by Paris Police Prefecture, as well as "a lack of adaptability when things go wrong".

The same speech will be given Monday, May 30, during the meeting organised by Amelie Oudea–Castera, Minister of Sports to assess the dysfunctions. At 11:15, the Minister gathers the Champions League organizers, police. The Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin, Didier Lallement, Paris police prefect and local authorities will represent Gerald Darmanin to "draw lessons" from a fiasco that occurred one year before 2023 Rugby World Cup, and two years before 2024 Paris Olympics.

The Stade de France was a chaotic scene two days later. There were jostling, attempted intrusions by people without tickets or supporters in shock at the intervention of the police or victims to theft.

He said, "With the Minister for the Interior, we deplore those incidents that marred Saturday night's Champions League at the Stade de France" and that some ticket holders were unable attend the match. In a Sunday statement, she elaborated.

The Minister of Sports will also be present as organizers of final - Real Madrid won (1-0) against Liverpool and UEFA, respectively, along with representatives from the Stade de France and Paris Police Prefecture, Prefecture Seine-Saint-Denis, and the Saint-Denis town hall.

The Ministry of Sports and Games stated that "The priority now is to identify very precisely the (...) malfunctions in order to learn all of the lessons to prevent such incidents happening again for future major international sporting events." Olympics.

The long-awaited celebrations of European football were ruined. It could have been a tragedy if nearly 7,000 firefighters, police officers, and gendarmes were mobilized. The pre-screening system located 200 yards from the stadium was quickly overwhelmed by Liverpool fans and created bottlenecks. How did young gangs get into the compound?

These questions also came from England where the Liverpool club's supporters returned from Paris. Local authorities such as the mayor of the City "disgusted at the calamitous and brutal treatment" and national do not take off.

The worst part is that the Liverpool police present at the Stade de France judged that the "vast majority" of English supporters had behaved "exemplaryly". However, the Minister of Interior Gerald Darmanin has started the implementation of the "thousands" of British supporters who were not issued tickets or who used fake tickets to gain entry on Saturday evening.

The presence of thousands of people swarming against the barriers and young men trying to intrude gave rise to the perception of a "brotherhood without a name" according even to trade unionists. policemen.

Didier Lallement was also frequently criticized for his method of maintaining order that is too brutal. However, AFP was made aware of the report by Gerald Darmanin. He announced legal action against "fraud massively counterfeit bills" in a Sunday report. They were not given any figures.

He felt it was "necessary" to identify the fraudsters, which could have had serious consequences for spectator safety.

Loubna Atta (prefecture spokesperson) reminded AFP that although the police did not technically intervene in the stadium's interior, the consortium, which includes stewards, and other security personnel, managed this aspect.

She said that Saturday's problem was caused by fake ticket holders and people without tickets blocking access to the stadium. The consortium asked for the assistance of the police to manage the crowd movements. affirmed.

Loubna Atta said that there was a danger that people would be crushed against railings, that there would be severe injuries or even death. "It was getting very bad, there was an embolism of tourniquets.

Didier Lallement does not recommend a strengthening of the workforce for high-risk matches. However, Didier Lallement believes that the system in place Saturday - with almost 7,000 police officers and gendarmes as firefighters - has "ensured the essentials: to permit a smooth run of the match and ensure the safety of festivities without serious injuries or deaths."

He also noted "the vital role of fan zones" that are designed to accommodate Liverpool and Real Madrid supporters separately.

Gregory Joron (SGP Police Unit), said to AFP that while the French press is cursing French police officers, it was too easy for them to be blamed.

He also saw the problem in counterfeit tickets and poor organization by sports authorities. Then, there was "a descent by individuals who came to rob spectators".

Patrice Ribeiro (synergie officers) described the same phenomenon as delinquency. According to Ribeiro, it was a "new" phenomenon that "young people, possibly unaccompanied minors, act in packs." It was the largest scale we had ever seen. He said that spectators were stripped to their core, even their clothes. These scenes continued until the wee hours of the morning.

On Saturday, police officers described several scenes of snatching, but they requested anonymity. "It didn't stop. One said that he had seen many teams fly. He said that it was "badly managed", and criticized the decision to "put the local staff in static" when they know the most about local delinquency. It was inconsistent. It was not consistent," summarized another.

Gregory Joron felt that there was an issue with "coordination" among the various forces mobilized, and "adaptation" when unexpected events occur. Patrice Ribeiro said that there was also "an under-dimensioning the stewards’ system".

Whatever the outcome of meeting at Ministry of Sports, Stade de France should have consequences.

Senator LR Michel Savin is the president of the practical sport study group and major sporting events. He has already stated that he will ask for the establishment of a parliamentary inquiry. He said that 400 million viewers saw what he considered a humiliation to our country as it prepares for the Rugby World Cup, then the Olympics and Paralympics.